Wine of the Evening: Perissos Vineyards Roussanne

Wine of the Evening: Perissos Vineyards Roussanne

Like a dry white wine? Maybe a Chardonnay, but perplexed what to get that grows well in Texas? My recommendation is to give it a go with Perissos Vineyards Roussanne. I did.

Last night I paired the Perissos Vineyards Roussanne with an interesting vegetarian feast: avocado half, cabbage soup, corn on the cob, quinoa (boiled in vegetable broth with diced red pepper) and asparagus parmesan. What you say! Wines have no place with vegetarian fare. My response to you is simply…Balderdash! This Roussanne worked its magic.

For the unitiated…

Roussanne is a white wine grape originating from the Rhône wine region in France, where it is the blending partner of Marsanne found in white Hermitage AOC. A bit farther south in the Rhône valley, it can also be blended into the red wines of Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

Why Roussanne with veggies last night?

The aroma of Roussanne has a remarkable herbal quality and the wine carries a good acidity. Interestingly, from Texas, Roussanne also has an inflection of pear and citrus that’s very compatible with vegetal offerings and a host of other foods (fish, chicken y mas).

Seth Martin and his family winery near Burnet, Texas, crafted this particular Perissos Vineyards 2010 Roussanne from fruit harvested at Bingham Family Vineyards on the Texas high plains near Lubbock and it’s a dandy. We may not be able to grow much Chardonnay in Texas, but mark my word; Roussanne is destined for fame and fortune in here. Give it a try.

Seth also makes a blended white wine that he calls his Perissos Vineyards Roussanne Blend from Hill Country grapes. It’s a meld of Roussanne with the more outgoing varietals of Viognier and Muscat for a dry but very aromatic concoction that can stand up to more flavorful and spicy dishes; even beef enchiladas! However, I saved mine for another day but I’ve tasting it previously and it’s definitely worth a go, as well.

Perissos Vineyards and Winery

7214 Park Road 4 W, Burnet, Texas 78611

Phone: (512) 656-8419; Fax: (512) 715-0212

Tasting room hours: Saturday 12-5pm; Sunday 12-5pm

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