Wicked Weather in the Vineyard: An Open Letter 5/22/2013


Wicked Weather in the Vineyard: An Open Letter 5/22/2013

VintageTexas Note: I received this message in an email last week from Julie Whitehead at Blue Ostrich Winery and I asked her to share it in an open letter. I believe that her statements typify the grit and gumption of our Texas winegrowers in their yearly battle with the elements of Mother Nature. Please keep in mind that Texas is but one state that is working to discover its terroir.

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The unparalleled force of nature is never taken for granted in our part of the country. Growing grapes and making wine in a region where we experience frost in April, followed by violent storms in May, would be enough to make anyone scratch their head and wonder, “why do we do this?” Nevertheless, we persevere, as this is what we love to do.

Although we have been on a high state of alert, this week’s storms had minimal direct impact on our facility. Our hearts and minds go out to our Oklahoma neighbors. Like many of you, Patrick, John and I have many friends and relatives in these affected Oklahoma communities, including several of our Blue Ostrich family of guests.

This weekend our vineyard and countryside will serve as a reminder that nature also has a beautiful and nurturing side as well. Come see how the rain has beautified our valley and our vines.

Julie Fredrick Whitehead

Blue Ostrich Winery & Vineyard

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