Gary V Video: Texas Wines Inspired by Italian Piemonte and French Rhone Valley

Gary V Video: Texas Wines Inspired by Italian Piemonte and French Rhone Valley

While on-location at a winery (Times Ten Cellars) in Dallas, Texas, Gary Vaynerchuk (pronounced Vay-nur-chuck with strong tri-syllabic punctuation) found that he was pleasantly surprised by two wines from the Lone Star state. The first was Duchman Family Winery Dolcetto, a grape native to the Piedmont (Piemonte) wine region in Italy, and a Rhone-style red blend, Becker Vineyards Prairie Rotie, made from grapes typically found in France’s Rhone Valley.

As you have seen expressed here and in other corners of the state. the energy in Texas wine growing  has really focused on grapes that originated from Mediterranean regions such as those in Italy, southern France, Spain (and Portugal) and Sardinia. They are all real sun-loving Vitis vinifera look for a spot of Texas terroir to call their own.

Gary V tasted the Duchman Family Dolchetto that had solid structure,medium body (lighter than typical old world Dolcetto), but pretty typical of wine made from young vines that we have in Texas. He described cherry to sour cherry flavors, cedar aroma, and a drop of chocolate and cola on the finish  For about $10 a bottle, it was good very effort and worth a taste.

Gary moved on to the Becker Vineyards Prairie Rotie made from a blend of Syrah, Mouvedre, and more. He was blown away! It was a dense and fleshy wine with aromas of blueberry and wood and additional nuances of black pepper, game and fat (all descriptors commonly used for Rhone-style red blends).  He referred to it as a “solid bottle” of wine and if blind tasted, Gary didn’t think that anyone would  ever think it is was from Texas.Why? Well, because they probably have not experience enough Texas wine to know the high level of quality that Texas wines have now attained.

All in all, a very good showing for Texas wines on a national stage!

Click here to see complete video on The Daily Grape website.



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