Lubbock Locavore Meets Locapour

Lubbock Locavore Meets Locapour

Our delegation of writers and media mavens arrived Lubbock Thursday evening. If you have not been to The Texas High Plains AVA, you might not immediately recognize it as an emerging new wine producing region. It’s high, flat and dry. The best comparison I can find for the initial impression that confronts the eye is the Argentine Medoza. The Texas high plains ranges from 3400 to about 3700 feet in elevation and backs up to the southern extreme of the Rocky Mountains. By comparison, the Mendoza is equally flat and dry and positioned at about 2700 feet with perhaps a more striking backdrop of the Andes Mountains.

We were barely in town two hours and we were caravanning to Cagle Steaks to savor some local Texas beef: open fire grilled to a state of smoky delight. We had entered the state of “Lubbock Locavore”.

In combination, we popped the cork on some Texas wine from Texas Hills Vineyard, their 2007 Kick Butt Cabernet. At that moment Lubbock Locavore was joined by its equally appealing, but lesser known twin, Lubbock Locapour: Lubbock Locavore meets Locapour.

Interestingly, I had tasted this wine several years ago and found it fruit-dominated, clean and bright but a bit uninteresting to my palate at the time so I left it pass. However, with the additional bottle age, it had grown in complexity with earthy, leathery notes rising from its aromatic midst. However, it was impossible to discern if the smokiness was originating from the glass of the steaks on the open fire grill.

This was a grand start to the weekends fare. Follow my blog over the next few days and I will highlight some of the more memorable moments from Texas terroir and vines to cuisine and wines. If you can’t wait, please search my twitter feed (click here) or for a full barrage of tweets from the members of the delegation search on the hashtag #GOTEXAN (click here) or #TXwine (click here).

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