From Wes Marshall (Via Oz Clark on Texas Wine

From Wes Marshall (Via Oz Clark on Texas Wine

In the middle of October, 2010, I got a phone call from Oz Clarke’s publicist asking if I would like to join him in a private tasting of Texas wines. He had read my book, The Wine Roads of Texas, and was anxious to learn more about what was happening in Texas wines.

We had a nice time together. He was supposed to stay for about three hours and ended up staying for eight hours. (Pity the poor driver who had to wait! Oz gave him some of the best wine so he could console himself when he got home). See comments from Wes at:

Wes made another video of Oz Clarke after he tasted several Texas wines where Oz emphasizes that Texas isn’t Bordeaux and Texas isn’t Burgundy. We need to do what we do better than anybody else in the world!”.

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