It's Finally Time for a Taste of Texas, Twitter-Style

It’s Finally Time for a Taste of Texas, Twitter-Style

Today is the day. The time to tweet is at 7:00 pm Central Time, when Ben Simon at Vinotology ( will be hosting an event on Twitter with Mandola Estate Winery (  A whole cast of characters will be tasting four different Mandola wines, and tweeting up a storm about Texas wine, and especially about the Mandola wines featured in this event.

If you have already obtained Mandola wines, this will be a great opportunity for you to taste some Texas wine and Tweet your comments about one of the many great wineries located in the Hill Country of Texas. Four wines will be tasted:

Mandola Rose’

Mandola Sangiovese

Mandola Dolcetto

Mandola Canto Felice

So, drink up, and tweet about your experience, but be sure to use the #tastetexas hashtag so that people can find your comments.

Alternatively, if you are not actively tasting, you can TASTE VIRTUALLY! Follow along taste-by-taste by searching for the tweets using the #tastetexas hastag at: You can ask questions of the tasters or provide your insights on the guest tasters comments.

For details on the event, visit the TasteTexas Eventbrite site at:  Still need more info, go to: See who will be the guest tasters at:

I’ll be there, online that is, but barely. I’m staying at the Chisos Mountain Lodge in Big Bend National Park. I did a seven mile hike this morning. I was worried that I might not be able to get online. I brought my stash of Mandola wines and was very relieved when I found out that the lodge has a new wireless network. It works in the visitors center and restaurant; but, to my surprise, I can also get a decent signal in my room. All the comforts of home. I will be tasting and tweeting up a storm tonight at 7 pm Central Time.

So, you be there, or be square!

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  1. Thanks so much for participating in this event, and for your efforts in publicizing it. I’m very excited to be doing this, and hope that it will be the first of many great Texas Twitter events that I will be involved in. See you online tonight!

  2. Russ, you’re a great defender of “drinking local”. I come from a place where the wines are not considered notable (Georgia), but I really like what I’m tasting. I think as the vineyards gain some age, the winemaking talent continues to improve, and technology evolves, we’ll only continue to see better and better things out of these regions.

    I like to think that Burgundy, Chianti, and Bordeaux were all once unknown and underappreciated wine-growing regions. I don’t see any reason why a Texas or a Georgia or a Missouri can’t make great wine as well!

    • I do not feel that I am as much of defender as I am someone that highlights what is happening here and now. Frankly, I have uncovered so much good wine, people and places here in Texas that I don’t need to go looking for the bad. Perhaps someday when I run out of good wine to drink.

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