Sous Vide Salmon and Wine from 4.0 Cellars

**What I’m Drinking (and Eating) Tonight**

Wow! Pardon the exclamation, but it’s been a great night. I tried my hand again at cooking Sous Vide. This time it was salmon, vacuum sealed and left to set at 140 F for 40 minutes in my water bath on stove. My set-up is the poor man’s way to do it that calls for constant watching and a throwing in a few ice cubes into the water when it starts to get too hot. But yet, it works.

Secondly, my wife bought me a flame thrower that is actually called a “culinary torch”. So when my salmon steaks came out of the sous vide water bath and were plated, I gave them a quick few seconds of high intensity flame, and voila, they were just right.

But alas, again, I forgot to take a photo of the final product. This is precisely why I’m not a food blogger. It calls for stopping the process before the creation enters my mouth. I think that I’ll stick to wine blogging.

The final step was the wine, or as I should say, wines.

It was a 4.0 Cellars night with the leftovers of our Brennan Vineyards 2011 Lily, a white Rhone blend of Roussanne, Viognier and “white” Grenache, followed with a splash (or two) of Lost Oak Winery Blanc Du Bois. Both were light, fresh, aromatic and crisp.

So much for my live blogging. I hope you enjoy it half as much as I did. Or, perhaps more appropriately, I hope that that you will enjoy the experience for yourself.

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