On the Texas Wine Trail with Seri (I Want a Texas Roussanne…No I Don’t Want Texas Rue in Sun City)

On the Texas Wine Trail with Seri (I Want a Texas Roussanne…No Don’t Want Texas Rue in Sun City)

Well, I’m in Lubbock this weekend signing my book (The Wineslinger Chronicles) at the Lubbock Arts Festival 11 am to 2 pm today and later at 3-5 pm at Llano Estacado Winery and then from 6-7:30 pm at Barnes and Noble. Stop by if your are in the area.

While I’ve got some time this morning, I decided to give my new iPhone 4S a little quality time that included getting better acquainted with my new travel partner with a great sounding feminine voice…Seri.

Here is how my morning’s get to know Seri session went:

Russ: Seri, what does you name mean?

Seri: I don’t think that I can explain it in YOUR language.

Russ: Seri, want to go to a wines?

Seri: I found two wineries fairly close to you…McPherson Cellars and CapRock Winery.

Russ: What’s a good wine?

Seri: Want to do a websearch for a good Texas wine?

Russ: OK

Seri: Looking for a List of Really Good Texas Wine? Here it is:

Russ: That’s very good Seri.

Seri: I don’t understand!

Russ: Seri, (I don’t think I can explain in YOUR language) I’d like to find a good Texas Roussanne.

Seri: Here’s Texas Ave. in Lubbock, but I’m not certain this is where you want to go.

Russ: Seri, I want to find a good Texas Roussanne wine.

Seri: I’ve found a number of wine bars in Texas and I’ve sorted them by rating.

Russ: No, I want to find a good Texas Roussanne wine.

Seri: Sorry but I couldn’t find Texas Rue in Sun City. (Now, I think that she is playing with me, don’t you?).

Russ: No Seri, I want to find a good Texas wine made from R-O-U-S-S-A-N-N-E.

Seri: Sorry, Russell, I can’t look for places in Burkina Faso.

Russ: OK, Seri, let’s forget Roussanne. Find me a good Texas Chardonnay.

Seri: I found 14 restaurants whose reviews mention Chardonnay.

Russ: Do any of these restaurants have Texas Cabernet Sauvignon?

Seri: I found 8 restaurants that have Cabernet?

Russ: Do any of these have Texas Cabernet?

Seri: I did not find any restaurants that have Texas Cabernet

Russ: Seri, I’m looking for Texas wine in Lubbock.

Seri: I found these wine bars in Lubbock (shows map to The Funky Door Bistro)

Russ: Website for Funky Door Bistro.

Seri: http://www.thefunkydoorwineroom.com/

Upon searching this website I found the following Texas wine:

Flat Creek “Super Texan” $49 that compares to Allegrini Palazzo Delle Torre at $48.
Flat Creek Pinot Grigio $42 that compares to MacMurray Pinot Gris at $38.
….and finally:
CapRock Roussanne $32.

Well, this was my first real attempt to get to know my new travel partner. After a long, somewhat accidental and convoluted path, I finally found my bottle of Texas Roussanne.


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  1. All roads eventually lead to CapRock Roussanne. Now if we can just program it so that when you say “find me a Texas Chardonnay” it says “did you mean a Texas Roussane?” we’ll be in business.

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