Governor Perry: Is Texas Planting Vines in the Backyard of the Statehouse? Virginia Is. And, Supporting its Wine Industry, Too!

Governor Perry: Is Texas Planting Vines in the Backyard of the Statehouse? Virginia is. And, Supporting Its Wine Industry, Too!

The Virginia wine industry has the full support of its state government right up to the top man. Watch and listen to this YouTube video of Virginia’s governor,  claiming that Virginia is the nation’s fifth largest wine producing state with vines planted in his own backyard on the statehouse grounds.

All we have in Texas is a starry-eyed man with foolish aspirations of being president while he casts the fate of his state’s wine industry to the hot dry Texas wind.

See what happened to Texas state support of its wine industry with these previous stories on VintageTexas:

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TX Gov. Perry check this out: VA Gov. McDonnel’s Plan Includes Jobs, Wine and Oil

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  1. Virginia might well be fifth. If it is not, then it will be soon-right ahead of Texas. Shame on you, Gov. Perry and all those legislators who irresponsibly pissed away one of the best marketing investment combinations ever-winegrapes and entrepreneurial Texans.

  2. Jeff,

    I don’t know what happened today. I just snapped when I saw this video and though what we have been through this year with the budget, TDA funding and the whole political show in Texas and beyond.

    But, we’re Texans and will find a way to make it work. We always have!


  3. I echo what Jeff said – tell us how you feel (there is virtue in that, by the way! 🙂

    I was at the event on Wednesday night that is shown on the video above. Joining Governor McDonnell were Virginia’s Secretary of Agriculture and a State Senator, the Virginia Wine Tourism Office, Virginia Wine Board Marketing office and a lot of enthusiastic Virginia wine fans! As a life-long Virginian and advocate of Virginia wine, I am proud of the Executive support here in the Commonwealth. Governor McDonnell sets a high bar for his peers to be sure.

    Although I am not able to support the following statement with specific data, I feel that wine in many states (CA, WA, and perhaps OR, NY exceptions) is an afterthought at most state executive mansions.


  4. What they don’t realize is the wine drinkers usually drink responsibly and spend money doing so. It’s best to keep the spend local by drinking local.

  5. In 1876 Texas created a very weak governor and it’s not fair to criticize any governor for very poor legislative policy. What ever the poor policy might be. Texas has a hill to climb native wine wise. The distribution system is aggressively antagonistic to our survival and what happens in Austin needs to be known by all Texans. I hope most Texans would be in favor of a native industry.

  6. Well said Bobby….

    Insightful comments like fine wine are to be savored and hold the most for the mind when balanced with the perceptions of age!


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