The Jeremy & Alfonso Show at TexSom – Words of Wisdom for Wine Bloggers – Why?

The Jeremy & Alfonso Show at TexSom – Words of Wisdom for Wine Bloggers – Why?

Why do people blog? This is philosophical question same as why is there air? People blog because they do.

Looking for a deeper reason…well, they are driven by passion, a passion to tell a story, their story, a wine’s story, someone else’s story.

All I know is I blog because I want to tell a story. The story is about the Texas wine experience. It’s a topic that seldom gets coverage in the national wine media. Why, is the topic of Texas wine not covered, well it not because good wine isn’t being made here. It is because, most of Texas wine is consumed right here….Not in NYC, Chicago or London. There are no national advertising contracts that motivate the major wine mags to come taste Texas wines.

I am lucky enough to be here at a time when Texas is actually figuring out what it will become. It’s like the opportunity to re-live the old days in Napa before it became a household wine word. There is some good, some bad and some really good wines being made. Winegrowers are experimenting with “lesser” varieties of grapes from warm growing regions of the world (like southern Italy, France, Spain and Portugal).

The reason I started my blog ( was preciesly in the words of Alfonso, a workshop and to experiment with topics for an upcoming book project.

Now that the book project is ready to go to print, I am again asking the question…Why am I blogging?

So, Jeremy and Alfonso….that’s why I’m here. Tell me WHY?

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  1. Alfonso, you could have a book deal in a minute. Your story is rich, personal, and in your voice, and I’d buy a copy too!

    Thanks to you and Jeremy for your acknowledgement and kudos, they are very gratefully appreciated.

    Rock on Texsom!


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