Culinary Thymes April Recipes and McPherson Wine Pairings

McPherson Cellars 2010 Wines

Culinary Thymes April Recipes and McPherson Wine Pairings

This month, I worked with Alyce Ester at Culinary Thyme to develop wine pairings for her April recipes. My pairings were three new vintage wines from McPherson Cellars to commemorate the release of their 2010 wines. It was one heck of the year for Texas grapes.

The 2010 season started with a deep cold winter followed by a slow spring that was cool and wet without a late freeze. Then, when summer broke and everyone in Texas vineyards were waiting for hail…there was practically none to be had (and that’s OK by everybody that I talked to). Through June 2010, the summer remained cool, but when July hit the weather got hot and dry. The 2010 harvest was a long one. It started in July along the Gulf Coast and proceeded into September in the Hill Country and then into late October on the Texas High Plains. It was all you could have hoped for, and some now refer to it as “Texas’s vintage of the century”.

Enjoy these Texas wine and food pairings…

Spice Grilled Leg of Lamb & McPherson Cellars Tre Colore

Culinary Thymes: The Easter table is not complete without lamb on the menu. This recipe allows you to get outside and grill to boot. A couscous salad would make a nice, easy side for this recipe. (To cooked and cooled couscous, simply add halved grape tomatoes, chopped cucumber and feta. Dress it with olive oil, lemon juice and season with salt and pepper.) Be sure to get some pita bread, because the next day all of this can be stuffed inside for a yummy pocket sandwich. Click for recipe.

VintageTexas: Wine Pairing –  McPherson Cellars Texas Red Table Wine, Tre Colore 2010. A blend of three Rhone varietals, hearty red Mourvedre and Carignan and aromatic white Viognier, this medium bodied wine offers rich red berry flavors comingled with exciting notes of charcoal, tea and fragrant herbs that combine with the scent of grilling spices.

— — — — —

Roasted Salmon with Mustard-Chive Butter & McPherson Cellars Viognier

Culinary Thymes: There’s nothing easier than roasted salmon for a weeknight meal or entertaining occasion. The polenta is a favorite recipe I make often with braises in the winter. It’s great here in its Springy adaptation. Click for recipe.

VintageTexas: Wine Pairing – McPherson Cellars, Viognier 2010 offers a blessing over this dish in its aromatic floral, pleasantly sweet tropical aroma. This wine is classic McPherson statement, dominant in fruit yet yielding restraint with refreshing flavors of crisp white peach and pear combined with minerally characteristics, a soft silky feel, and a finish that invigorates and refreshes the culinary experience.

— — — — —

Leek and Olive Tart & McPherson Cellars Roussanne

Culinary Thymes: I love the leek. Combine it with another passion — savory tarts — and well, this recipe is a real winner in my opinion. Usually I make my own pastry dough, but this recipe calls for frozen puff pastry for added convenience. I see this tart being served with a baby arugula salad, with an acidic, lemony vinaigrette, for a nice, light and flavorful lunch or dinner. And my suggestion for dinner would be to also serve some carefully selected cheeses with a baguette before, during or after the entree. Click for recipe.

VintageTexas: Wine Pairing – McPherson’s  Roussanne 2010, made from a new grape variety for Texas, approaches with a pale straw color and aromatic essences of sweet lemon sprinkled with hints of sage and thyme; counterpoints to the deep flavors of the tart. Then, it follows with a smooth, creamy mid-palate and long crisp citrus, green-apple finish.

— — — — —

McPherson Cellars wines are particularly good buys in terms of quality and particularly price. Most wines are around $14 a bottle which for Texas wines is a great price point. Click for access to the McPherson Cellars online store.

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  1. mmmm, that spiced grilled lef of lamb sounds so good. I like lamb on the grill spiced with some monterey jack, very good. Or I will use olive oil and fresh herbs like basil oregano and parsely and salt and pepper to taste and let it marinate. My mouth is watering. lol

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