Texas Wineries go Mainstream…Can it be?

Robert Parker’s Wine Buyer’s Guide Features Texas Wines

The recently released 7th edition of Parker’s Wine Buyer’s Guide has added a new chapter “East of the West Coast”. This chapter covers wines from all states other than Washington, Oregon, and California.

The guide provides an overview and opinion of the burgeoning wine industry across the United States, a detailed review of some New York State wineries, and lists “Wineries Worth Discovering in Canada and the “Other 46″ States.”

This edition features six Texas wineries:

Alamosa Wine Cellars – www.alamosawinecellars.com

Becker Vineyards – www.beckervineyards.com

CapRock Winery – www.caprockwinery.com

Inwood Estates Vineyards – www.inwoodwines.com

McPherson Cellars – www.mcphersoncellars.com

Sandstone Cellars – www.sandstonecellarswinery.com

To order a copy of Parker’s Wine Buyer’s Guide, go to Amazon.com at:


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