Answers to Texas Wine Quiz #1

Evidently some of you missed my posting of the results from the “Who Knows Their Texas Wines” Quiz ( as comments at the bottom of the quiz posting.  Sorry for the confusion.

Well, here goes…. get ready to score your results.


1. Put the following Texas viticultural regions in geographical order from North to South.

A. Texas Hill Country
B. Texas High Plains
C. Mesilla Valley

Answer: A, C, B

Bonus Point – Which of these regions includes a portion of the adjacent state of New Mexico?

Answer: C

2. Put the following phases of a vine’s life cycle in the correct sequence.

A. Bud-break
B. Fruit set
C. Ripening

Answer: A, B, C

3. Put the following winemaking processes in the correct sequence.

A. Maceration
B. Fermentation
C. Destemming

Answer: C, A, B

4. What was the year that the oldest Texas commercial winery was started?

A. 1974
B. 1750
C. 1883

Answer: C

5. Name two French-American hybrid grape varietals that are resistant to Pierce’s Disease and can be grown in the hot humid regions of Texas.

A. Blanc Du Bois
B. Niagara
C. Viagra
D. Black Spanish (Lenoir)

Answer: A, D

6. Which of the following grape varieties are not a red grape?

A. Syrah
B. Blanc Du Bois
C. Viognier
D. Tempranillo

Answer: B, C

7. Which of the following is a red-juice grape variety? Hint: Most red grapes actually have white juice.

A. Cabernet Sauvignon
B. Merlot
C. Cabernet Sauvignon
D. Black Spanish (Lenoir)

Answer: D

8. Why does the Texas High Plains region have hot days and cool nights needed for quality grape production?

A. It is next to the Gulf of Mexico
B. It is in the southern hemisphere
C. It has an elevation of 3500 feet
D. It gets more than 100 inches of rain a year

Answer: C

9. Which Texan is credited with bringing vitis vinifera grape varietals to the Texas Hill Country in the 1970’s after a trip to France?

A. Ross Perot
B. Rick Perry
C. Ed Auler
D. Paul Bonnarrigo

Answer: C

10. What is the largest Texas winery by volume produced?

A. Messina Hof – Bryan, Texas
B. Becker Vineyards – Stonewall, Texas
C. Llano Estacado – Lubbock, Texas
D. St. Genevieve – Fort Stockton, Texas

Answer: D

Add up your score and rate your knowledge of Texas wines as follows:

10-11: 1st Place: Texas Longhorn Medal – You are the best

8-9: 2nd Place: Blue Bonnet Medal – You know more than most people

6-7: 3rd Place: Texas Horned Toad Medal – Good, but you could do better….study!

5 or less: Non-Texan….you are likely from New Jersey or just got here.

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