Texas Wine Month Tasting Stop: Gourmet Dinning at Cabernet Grill and its “Larger than Life” All-Texas Wine List!

Let’s say you’ve made plans to tour the Texas hill country. Maybe it’s this October for Texas Wine Month, or maybe it’s just a quite and intimate hill country weekend. You can make either event an extra special celebration with Chef Ross Burtwell’s Cabernet Grill, an upscale culinary destination located just south of Fredericksburg, Texas, on Route 16. There you will find a gourmet restaurant surrounded by Burtwell’s “Cotton Gin Village” of luxury cabins. The restaurant specializes in delectable food (think Lobster Topped Chicken Fried Ribeye Steak) served in a relaxed, rustic, romantic setting.

Lobster Topped Chicken Fried Ribeye Steak

Even better than that, it has the largest selection of Texas wines that make for an unparalleled dining and wine experience. Then, you are literally only a few steps from your luxurious B&B accommodations. What more could you ask for?

Luxurious on-premise B&B accommodations are only a few steps away.

I think that you could say that I’ve done the full immersion in Chef Burtwell’s cuisine. I’ve visited the restaurant on many occasions since just after it was acquired by Burtwell and began to incorporate a full suite of Texas wines. I’ve got Chef Burtwell’s cookbook with good success making many of his creations (If you buy it at the restaurant, Burtwell will likely honor you by signing it). To be honest though, I haven’t stayed in one of Chef Burwell’s B&B cabins. However, it is only because I have my own homestead in nearby Alamo Springs Ranch. But, in the near future, this might change and finally give me the chance to pay the village of B&Bs a visit.

What better way to pay homage to the unique Texas wine country experience Chef Burtwell has created, but to show you some of my favorite food and wine experiences at Cabernet Grill. I’ve already started by ”spilling the beans” up top by revealing my all time favorite entree… The Lobster Topped Chicken Fried Ribeye Steak. It is, thus far, unmatch by anything chicken fried that has visited my palate.

Next, let’s look at small plates. Two with particularly found memories for me are Burtwell’s Crispy Castelvetrano Fried Olives with Gorgonzola Fondue, and his, oh so savory, Skillet Corn Fritters Topped with Spicy Local Goat Cheese.

Castelvetrano Fried Olives with Gorgonzola Fondue

Just one more of my favorite small plates, please. It’s Chef Burtwell’s Bacon Wrapped Jalapeños Stuffed with Beer Sausage and Redneck Cheddar served with jezebel dip. For more delectable options click here for the menu.

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeños Stuffed with Beer Sausage and Redneck Cheddar

For sure, Cabernet Grill’s award winning wine list curated by Manager and Sommelier Elizabeth Rodriguez, is a perpetual knockout. Last I counted, there were over 80 Texas wines available by glass and bottle featured in the restaurant. This all-Texas wine list has landed Cabernet Grill multiple times on the Wine Enthusiast’s “America’s 100 Best Wine Restaurants”. Click here to check out the wine list.

Cabernet Grill for sure has a Texas wine to pair with any of its gourmet preparations.

Even when your dining experience is starting to conclude, the culinary excitement does not wane. Chef Burtwell and his kitchen staff are always coming up with something new to tempt you for dessert. Perhaps, one of his most creative desserts I’ve and the pleasure of eating is a flight of ice creams and sorbets. When it comes to desserts, I guess that I’m still an ice cream boy at heart, but this is not the ice cream of yore. Burtwell is always working on new favors (think Lavender Limoncello Sorbet); they are perpetually changing. Just when I think they can’t get any better, or different, something new and sometimes unusual shows up and lights up my taste buds.

Cabernet Grill’s surprise flight of ice creams and sorbets

Well, just when you think things couldn’t get any better, Cabernet Grill offers indoor and outdoor dinning. The outdoor dining area is centered in the tranquil grouping of Burtwell’s B&B cabins. It is a great place for dinner or for a late evening nightcap.

Outdoor dining area at Cabernet Grill at Cotton Gin Village

Well, we’ve had a delightful evening of food and wine, and gourmet pleasures. Now, it’s time to take just a few steps and enjoy a relaxing and romantic B&B at Cotton Gin Village. But, before your fall asleep, make sure you’ve make arrangements for morning featuring a basket of pastries, rolls and coffee left at your front door.

Even mornings are special at Cotton Gin Village.

Make plans now to celebrate your next tasting stop in Fredericksburg at Chef Ross Burtwell’s Cabernet Grill at Cotton Gin Village.


2805 S. State Hwy 16
Fredericksburg, Texas 78624




PO Box 609 
Fredericksburg, Texas 78624



Photo credits: Cabernet Grill at Cotton Gin Village

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