Rascal’s Palate Preview – Rascal’s Travels to Piemonte: Hail Cesare!

Rascal’s Palate Preview – Rascal’s Travels to Piemonte: Hail Cesare!

Normally, you don’t expect much from a book given as a present. Most times, people that gift a book really don’t know what you like and what topics really turn you on. In this case, I was surprised, pleasantly surprised. It was a gift that keeps on giving.

For Christmas, I received a copy of the book titled, “The Man Who Ate Everything” by Jeffery Steingarten, food writer for Vogue and Slate. It took me several attempts to get into it. Then, one day I finally made it to a chapter midway through the book: Hail Cesare! It was the story of Chef Cesare Giaccone at Albaretto della Torre at his remote hill top restaurant in near Alba, in the Piemonte region of northern Italy.

Well, I devoured that chapter and kept coming back for more. But, reread after reread, it just wasn’t enough. It could mystically sense his wood burning oven and the rotisserie kid goat roasting slowly over the fire, served with local truffles and wild mushrooms de Alba, mountain top berries, hazelnuts and herbs, but I still needed more. I had to find this man and experience his cuisine first hand.

More at: http://rascalspalate.com/?p=21

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