Duchman Winery Trebbiano: A Texas-Italian Quencher

The wildflowers are blooming in Texas. The days are definitely getting longer and hotter leading us to look around for wines that refresh us and quench our thirst. One of the varietal wines that is often overlooked in this search is Trebbiano, despite the fact that its legacy goes back to Roman times and it is one of the most widely planted wine grapes in its home turf of Italy. One reason is that in many cases, Trebbiano is not particularly distinctive in the cooler climes of Europe, particularly when produced by over-cropped vines, and relegated to pedestrian white wines or fermented and distilled to make Brandy.

However, one exception to be noted is what happens when Trebbiano finds a new locale that combines a bit more warmth and the great high plains terroir Texas has to offer. If you add in another factor (an interested winemaker), magic happens with this grape. An example is the hill country Duchman Family Winery 2019 Trebbiano, with grapes grown by Bingham Family Vineyards in the Texas High Plains, and made into wine by Duchman winemaker, Dave Reilly.

With this wine, the refreshment quotient is high starting with its medium alcohol content. Then, it progresses to its medium-light body and offerings of crisp apple, melon and citrus notes. If that wasn’t enough, spend an extra moment savoring the aroma before tasting and linger a moment on the finish. What you can get at those special moments are hints of dried green herbs, toasted almonds, and wet limestone minerals.

The above mention qualities that make the Duchman Trebbiano adorable as a fresh young wine also give it an incredible ability to match with fresh cheeses to Italian-Mediterranean cuisine. Examples include simple lemony pasta dishes, poached fishes, seafood salads and a multitude of dishes that feature fresh herbs like thyme and basil, and exotic ingredients like ginger. Its medium body also allows it to pair equally well with light lemon-herb to cream sauces. I’ll throw in here that, in my recent tasting, it worked well with a white cheese, basil and roasted chicken pizza.

Winemaker Dave Reilly says, “Trebbiano is often overlooked in the world because of a long history of being an uninteresting wine due to over-cropping. From the beginning we have taken it seriously at Duchman to make the best example of Trebbiano we possibly can. The result is a lovely light, crisp wine with tropical fruit and citrus notes. It is the perfect wine for summer in Texas.”

Want to know more about Duchman Family Winery and their wines (all 100% Texas grapes, all 100% Texas wines), click here. For information on their Trebbiano or their wide range of varietal and blended wines available for online purchase. click here. Or even better, stop by the winery at 13308 Ranch to Market Rd 150, Driftwood, TX 78619.

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