Avatar Tales (or Tails) from the Wine Bloggers Conference 2010 (As seen through the eyes of Twitter #WBC10)

Say Hello to Avatar Melanie0 and Ben at WBC10

Avatar Tales (or Tails) from the Wine Bloggers Conference 2010 (As seen through the eyes of Twitter #WBC10)

Who said, “I can’t see the forest for the trees”? It really doesn’t matter, as that’s not my point. However, the forest and tree analogy seems to apply to how Twitter works and the picture that it paints of the 2010 Wine Bloggers Conference held in Walla Walla, Washington. If you want to check it out for yourself, follow the mashup of conversations by searching Twitter using the tag #WBC10 at:


First off, I have attended a Wine Bloggers Conference back in 2008 and I enjoyed it immensely. It was a great first time experience with lots of lessons that I could use back here in Texas with my then newly established wine blog VintageTexas:

See: https://vintagetexas.com/?p=82

WBC08 was before I was fully Twitterliterate. However, it helped me understand and quickly ramp up the learning curve on social networking as applied to wine, wine evaluation, wine commentary, wine writing and of course, wine blogging. Since then, I have gone from about 10,000 page views a month (and I thought that was a real milestone) to over 100,000 page views a month (and all talking about Texas wine). Not bad, 10X in just two years (I should be just about ready to give myself a raise: zero x 25% is still zero). I’m just surprised that so many people are interested in the topic. But, the success in the blog helped to establish credibility for my book project. The blog also helped me experiment with topics, get feedback and explore experiment with writing longer and more complex pieces.

In 2009, as is the case this year, I am actively involved in my book project and just don’t have the time to go there (something important: DEADLINE!). So, I am attending WBC10 in a virtual way. Friends and fellow Texas wine bloggers, Ben Simon from Vinotology (that’s near Lubbock) and Melanie0 from Dallas are attending. I decided to make them my Avatars. So I am looking at the goings-on in  Walla Walla through the “eyes” of their tweets. See picture of Avatar Ben and Avatar Melanie (lead photo above). If you see them there in Walla Walla (What kind of name for city is that?), say hello to them.

Days before WBC10:

Ben Simon @Vinotology bought a new hat especially to wear at #WBC10: “@VintageTexas That’s it, I need to go hat shopping. I actually looked at a few hats tonight, just didn’t find one I liked. Ah well.” As you can see, he almost gave up, but then, “@VintageTexas Alright, here I am looking ALMOST respectable in my new hat. :)” See below….Say hello to the real Ben and his new hat:

Reality sets in for Ben:

Vinoguru comment to @vinotology “[blog] 5 times a week? Holy cow. I barely have enough time to blog once a week. “ Response: “@Vinoguru I hear you. I tried for 5 times a week for a while, but I’ve given that up for right now.” The reality that blogging takes time and sometimes other things, like making money, prevail.

Know your Twitterquette according to Melanie0:

Melanie0 asked, “@oenophile Are you guys coming back? Should we save your seats?”

Look like a match made in Walla, or not:

Melanie0 responds to @cuvee_corner “I will sit here at my table once this is over until we meet 🙂 Ha! Will not move at all.”

More reality setting in for Ben:

“You mean I’m not really as special as the winemakers and PR people make me feel? Now I’m disillusioned. #wbc10 @steveheimoff”

Sounds like Melani0 is blown away by WBC10:

@ç We are having an amazing time. Standing in Cailoux Vineyards. Amazed at terrior.

Ben is looking out for his Texas home-boy winemaking friends:

“@WiningWomen so great to meet you! You need to come hang out with us at our place and drink some of the Texas wine that I brought!”

One of Melanie0’s faves and raves:

Maryhill Viognier 08 $11.95 – In TX. 4,000 case production. Big honeysuckle, well rounded. Some acidity. Food friendly. @merryhillwinery

Ben’s even giving equal time to Georgia in Washington:

“Just had some nice chard from Yonah Mountain Vineyards from Georgia. Thanks to @winetonite for bringing it.”

Mealanie0, we are all prone to excess:

“Wonders why I am exercising before 7 am at #wbc10. Oh yeah, kobe sliders, chocolate and wine.”

Ben’s thoughts on WA Wines and a little play-by-play:

“Liking the Hogue Genesis Unoak Chard #wbc10. Really great trip to Woodward Canyon vineyards with @vintuba @nectarwine @winebizradio http://tweetphoto.com/29284832

Must be Melanie0’s B-Day:

RT: @WriteforWine RT @Catie: @melanie0 Happy Birthday!/.to you!. Lalala in Walla.Walla! < You guys rock. Thanks.

— — — — —

Thanks to Ben and Melanie for being my good natured Avatars and allowing me to be in virtual attendance at the WBC10 through the modern miracle of Twitter (all those electrons, satellites, cell towers and misc stuff).

Say hello to Melanie0:

P.S. My fave TweetA of WBC10 so far….

“@QueenofSpain by: Oh no @JanetBS my blood pressure spiked because my husband is an ass.” This is actually more information than I really wanted to know!

“Overheard at #wbc10 – “that effing taco truck destroyed my day yesterday, and my bathroom.” @thewinewhore”

“@vinotology you made me do it nasty smoker man #wbc10”

“RT: @houstonwino The liver is evil and must be punished. Speed tasting at #WBC10 [we’ve been bad…very very bad..”

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