What I'm Drinking Tonight: Mandola Estate Winery 2008 Sangiovese

What I’m Drinking Tonight: Mandola Estate Winery 2008 Sangiovese
Tonight, my wife and I had a simple baked rosemary chicken dinner. It is one of her specialities. While she was cooking, I was searching through my wine cooler. I located a wine that I had tasted when I was last at the Mandola Estate Winery (www.mandolaestatewinery.com) in Driftwood, Texas. It was their 2008 Sangiovese (Texas Appellation). I thought that it would be a good match, and it came through like a champion.

The Mandola 2008 Sangiovese had a medium body but deep red-purple color. It was crisp as a good Sangiovese should be, something that seemed to even rang through even on the aroma. The aroma carried fresh, crisp red fruits and a hint of oaken vanilla and an added herbal note that my wife and pondered over during dinner. I said thyme and she said oregano. Oh well, we could be debating politics or other topics where our opinions really don’t matter to any significant degree. These were passive and relaxing moments, something that is hard to fine these days unless you work at it. We savored the chicken, wine and the moment. The flavors were true to the wine’s nose of red berries (cherries and raspberries) with a comfortable tannic mid-palate and clean, bright finish.

Good choice. This wine is great with food. No wonder the grape variety comes from Italy. However, these grapes were grown “under the Texas sun”, and were made into wine and enjoyed with dinner right here in Texas!


Mandola Estate Winery
13308 FM 150 W.
Driftwood, TX 78619
(512) 894-3111

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  1. “Simple” baked chicken? Nothing simple about it. I seasoned the cavity and filled it with good stuff, shoved rosemary under the skin and then sewed it shut. Coated the bird with olive oil, crushed garlic, rosemary and lemon juice. I followed this with seasoning and cayenne and then lassoed the legs and wings to keep it from dancing away. Don’t sound too “simple” to me.

  2. Russ, thank you (again) for the review of another Mandola Wine. I remember when you came to visit last, you bought a half case of Mandola Wine. I have to think that it is time to restock! I dropped your website a couple of times on our website tonight. Hope it sends some traffic your way.

  3. I passed by the Mandola Winery the other day and was wondering what would be a good wine to purchase. This sounds like something I just might have to try. Thanks! 🙂

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