TXwine Twitter Tuesday – Tempranillo Taste and Tweet Extravaganza (7pm Central Tomorrow 11/12/2012)

TXwine Twitter Tuesday – Tempranillo Taste and Tweet Extravaganza ( 7pm Central Tomorrow 11/12/2012)

Well, get ready for the biggest TXwine Twitter Tuesday event of the year. Join us at 7 pm Central at the Tweetchat room set up for #TXwine (http://tweetchat.com/room/TXwine) to taste through a long list of Texas Tempranillos. The list of participating wines and wineries just keeps getting longer. So long, in fact, that we are going to make this a two hour tasting extravaganza. I guess I should have anticipated that this event would get huge since Tempranillo is now the “national” red grape of Texas. We also have professional tasting groups in Houston and Austin participating, too. Taste, tweet, follow, repeat!

We have a true cross-section of Texas Tempranillos included: some are widely distributed and some are only available in very limited quality at the winery tasting rooms; some are single varietal wines; some are blends; some are are single vineyard designated wines.

Our anticipated schedule and tasting list is shown below:

7:00 Intros

7:05 Alamosa Wine Cellars El Guapo (Tempranillo blend) – $16 Specs

7:15 Brushy Creek Tempranillo Klassen Vineyard 2011 – $49 at winery

7:25 Calais Winery La Cuvée du Manoir Tempranillo Newsom Vineyards 2010 – $35 at winery

7:35 Cap*Rock Tempranillo 2010 – $11 Specs / Cap*Rock Sweet Tempranillo – $11 Specs

7:45 Fall Creek Vineyards 2010 Salt Lick Vineyard Tempranillo – $30 at winery

7:55 Landon Winery Tempranillo Reserve 2010 Bingham Family Vineyards – $25 at winery/ Landon Winery Tempranillo Reserve 2011 Bingham Family Vineyards – $25 at winery

8:10 Llano Estacado Tempranillo Newsom Vineyards 2010 – $16 Specs

8:20 McPherson Cellars La Herencia 2010 – $11 Specs

8:30 Pedernales Texas Tempranillo 2010 – $20 at winery/ Pedernales Texas Hill Country Tempranillo 2010 – $39 at winery / Pedernales Tempranillo Reserve 2010 – $30 at winery

8:45 Perissos Vineyards Tempranillo 2010 Texas Hill County – $45 at winery

8:55 Ponotoc Vineyards Tempranillo 2011 – TBD

9:05 Plans for December TXwine Twitter Tuesday December 11th & Good byes

If you have any of these or other Texas Tempranillos, please feel free to taste and tweet about it too. Details are at: https://vintagetexas.com/?p=6783.

NOTE: If you’re new to Twitter, here’s how you participate:  just sign up for a free Twitter account at www.twitter.com. You can also go to the Tweetchat room set up for #TXwine (http://tweetchat.com/room/TXwine). No registration is required; you can login using your Twitter account info. In the Tweetchat room, participants are invited to follow tweets, add comments or tasting notes and share thoughts as participants taste and discuss the wines.

Remember to taste, follow, tweet and repeat! More tastes, more tweets, more TXwine fun! Just remember to sip and spit!

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