A Texas Winegrower's Lament: The Ten Best Things about a Late Season Freeze

A Texas Winegrower’s Lament: The Ten Best Things about a Late Spring Freeze

Guest Blog by Don Pullum, Akashic Vineyards
Winemaker – Sandstone Cellars

Don’s tongue-in-cheek look at what a late spring freeze means to be a Texas winegrower

10. The vines are suckered.
9. I can skip the contact herbicide and go straight for the systemic.
8. I have more time to complete pruning.
7. The Texas Grape Growers List Server is active. Misery loves company. (See below for link)
6. I can save money by starting my fungicide program later.
5. The birds and raccoons will have nothing to eat.
4. My neighbors bring me casseroles.
3. I can avoid the harvest expense.
2. For sticking with it, I get to call myself “Spunky.”
1. There’s always next season.

I actually think that I’ll be OK for harvest this year. I left triple the buds than what I would normally leave. There are a lot of primary buds left and they’re beginning to push on the Mourvedre, Primitivo, and Sangiovese.

For more information or participation Texas WineGrower’s List Server, go to: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Texas_Winegrowers/

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