A Great Texas Grape Harvest Year from Texas Fine Wines

Harvesting Viognier at Brennan Vineyards

A Great Texas Grape Harvest Year from Texas Fine Wines

In a recent blog, I posted comments and photos from several of the Texas Fine Wine winemakers and winery owners about their trials and tribulations during this year’s wine grape harvest season. Well, this year’s grand harvest is now coming to a close. There is a high plains freeze on its way with some grapes still clinging on the vines using the season to it fullest extent. But no worries, the harvesters are waiting at the end posts ready to go. See below for a late season follow up vintage report from several of the Texas Fine Wine winemakers and winery owners. Thanks for keep us in the loop!

Julie Kuhlken, Pedernales Cellars

“We got our last 15 tons of grapes last week.  After a growing season that started cooler and wetter than usual, the hot dry weather that started in late June strained the vines and slowed their ripening. Though harvest started in both the Hill Country and High Plains more or less at the usual time, it proceeded much more slowly than usual. We brought in the last lot from Kuhlken Vineyards in early September rather than mid-August. Because of the slow ripening, fruit came in at slightly lower brix than usual (12.5-13% ABV most likely), but good quality. Some lots that stood out were the Sangiovese and Touriga Nacional from Kuhlken Vineyards, both of which will likely end up in our estate blend (Kuhlken Vineyards Reserve), Syrah from Lahey Vineyards, Mourvèdre from Warren Vineyards, and Carignan from Lost Draw.”

Dave Reilly, Duchman Family Winery

‘Everything seemed pretty typical until a few weeks ago when clouds and cooler temperatures moved into the High Plains. Montepulciano and Aglianico are still hanging at Oswald Vineyard. We will be harvesting those last two varietals tonight and tomorrow as a freeze is expected Friday (Oct. 11). As far a quality, I would rate this vintage as excellent.”

Ron Yates, Spicewood Vineyards

“Weather has been tough this year with the wet spring, followed by really hot and dry conditions, which has slowed ripening. We are excited about some spectacular Tempranillo fruit from Rusty Dutton in Tahoka.”

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