On DrinkNectar.com: Texas Wine Blogger Makes a Lebron-Style Announcement on His Future

On DrinkNectar.com: Texas Wine Blogger Makes a Lebron-Style Announcement on His Future

In August, Ben Simons of Vinotology announced his free agency. In a brave move, he left the comfort of his paying job to pursue the uncertainty of the free market. His pursuit of passion is an admirable and brave quest for those of us surviving in the cube farm of corporate America. Immediately after entering the market, suitors began calling. Potential candidates were Arizona, Oregon, California, Washington and even staying in the home state of Texas.

See video with the answer to the question: Where is Ben “Lebron” Simons going next? Complete with NFL Football theme song.

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VT Comments: Ben and I have developed a long distance friendship and working relationship covering the rapidly developing stories on the Texas wine scene. Together we’ve covered the ill-fated attempt by Laurent Gruet to acquire Lubbock’s CapRock winery, which is likely the biggest story to hit this year. Based on my stats, his announcement to renege on the purchase was even a bigger story than when the sale was first announced (especially when the multiple DWI’s came to light).

See: https://vintagetexas.com/?p=2037

Ben covered the onsite events of the bankruptcy auction with video and I covered the industry backchannels documenting the speculation, reactions and behind the scenes wrangling. With Ben in Lubbock and me in Houston and the Hill Country, together we were like the conjoined twins of Texas wine writers.

Watch the video for his decision and for details read more at DrinkNectar.com, at:


Congrats Ben. I wish you the best of success.

P.S. Note that Texas got no future draft choices and no undisclosed cash for this Mega-TX-WA blogger deal. Disappointing, yes….but it’s about what you expect in the blogging world.


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  1. Way to go, Ben!!!

    When you get to Washington be sure and look up Coe Dinn. He’s a Texas guy but they’re paying him way too much money for him to ever come back to Texas.

    Stay in touch and let us know where to find you.


  2. Thanks for the well-wishes Russ. I will miss covering the Texas wine world with you, but I look forward to spreading the Texas Wine gospel in the state of Washington.

    Thanks Jim. I’ll look up Coe. Us Texas expats around the globe have to still together. 🙂

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