Pictorial: Messina Hof Winery and Resort Harvest 2010

In a recent blog, I posted my experiences as a limo chauffeured grape picker at the Messina Hof Moonlight Harvest Dinner: Everybody Sing – “Pick, Pick, Pick Your Grapes, Going Down the Row…” (See: https://vintagetexas.com/?p=2138).  We all had a great time as we linked up with other grape pickers from other venues around the state.

Photographer Caroline Carruba took a raft of photos of the event that tell more about the evenings happenings:

As sunset approached, the throng of pickers moved up and down the rows, harvesting the Black Spanish (Lenoir) grapes. It was obvious why the original name for this grape in French was “Le Noir” for the dark, almost black grapes the vine provides.

The pickers kept a watchful eye for unusual grape clusters that brought thoughts of cartoon characters and in this case the continent of Africa.

As we worked our way through the vineyard, the grapes were complied in large white plastic bids, ready for stomping by the eager feet of our harvesters.

This year, all the members of the Bonnarrigo family joined in the harvest festivities. Paul and Merrill’s grandbaby was there too. This year Paul will make a new Rose’-style wine from the Black Spanish grapes to commemorate her birth.

The attendees voted for their favorite in the balloting for the “Big Kahuna”. Here is this year’s winner. Love that necklace….

A father daughter moment for me and my daughter Caroline Carruba.

In the words spoken by many but experiences by few….”A good time was had by all!”

For more information on Messina Hof Winery and Resort and their Harvest and other events, go to: www.messinahof.com

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