Texas Hill Country Wineries – Video Interview

Texas Hill Country Wineries – Video Interview

Check out this video interview I did with John DeMers, Fischer & Wieser’s Texas Food and Wine Ambassador.

As illustrated in his book, Russ Kane – aka Texas Wineslinger – says the Texas Hill Country wineries have roots as old as any around. Texas grapes grow on soils made from deposits in ancient seas, similar to the grape growing regions of Europe.

Texas  wine culture arrived in the 1600s with Spanish missionaries that settled and planted vineyards in El Paso del Norte. The 1800s brought German and Italian emigrant farmers to Texas. For them, wine was  considered a staple of everyday life.

In what is now America’s number five wine producing state, the  Texas hill country was named by Wine Enthusiast Magazine to their 2014 list of best international wine destinations. This may surprise some, but not the wine aficionados that have visited the Texas hill
country’s 50 or more wineries where wine and culinary tourism is currently its fastest growing sector.

Click the book icon in the upper right side of page to purchase.
Click the book icon in the upper right side of page to purchase.

This book is your guide to the Texas hill country winery experience. It’s time to sip and savor Texas for  yourself.

Author Russell Kane who shares his time between Houston and the Texas hill country is a technical  writer, researcher, wine blogger and book author whose work spans three decades and has earned him awards in both technical and wine communities. His bestselling book, The Wineslinger Chronicles: Texas on the Vine, provided him insights and stories from the pioneers of Texas wine.

To book a speaking engagement with Russ Kane, send your inquiries to: russ@vintagetexas.com.

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