A Twitter Tour of the Texas Hill Country Wine Road

A Twitter Tour of the Texas Hill Country Wine Road

This weekend I was kicking back and enjoying the Texas sunshine, filling up the deer feeder with corn, and putting out alfalfa for our wild critters on the Big Hill. It was also great to be able to tour of the Texas Hill Country wine and food scene….virtually that is, all from the comfort of my back porch swing. With my trusty Blackberry in hand, I was able to get a first hand account following Austin media and PR maven, Denise Fraser, via Twitter (www.twitter.com/denisefraser) complete with photos of the hot culinary action.

As I previously blogged (https://vintagetexas.com/?p=1436), Denise Faser, Jeff Siegel and I made panel presentations on Social Networking for Marketing Texas Wineries and Vineyards at the Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association (TWGGA) annual conference in Richardson, Texas. We preached about the virtues of social networking tools like blogs, Twitter and Facebook that can reach and help converse directly with wine consumers. This is particularly important for the Texas wine industry since they are more or less bypassed by the mainstream wine media.

Denise’s tweets from the Texas wine road this weekend proved a powerful statement of the reach of the alternative media. As I went through each tweet, I was drawn into her trip. I avidly (and virtually) sniffed the wine and savored each morsel of food. Then, with anticipation, awaited her next stop.

Rather than retweet each of her comments (like I would normally do), I decided to provide them amassed below. Here are Denise’s Tweets from the Texas Hill Country wine road and links to her TwitPics that chronicled what had to be a wonderful trip. NOTE: They are in reverse order, so please start from the bottom of the string and work your way up to the top; also, #TXWine is a hashtag used on Twitter to mark tweets related to Texas Wine so that they can be easily followed and searched (www.search.twitter.com).

20. Great Texas menu by Terry Thompson Anderson at Fall Creek Vineyards. Ed and Susan Auler are gracious hosts.
19. Started morning at Rather Sweet Bakery. Now off for drive thru Hill Country and visit & lunch at Fall Creek Vineyards. #txwine  
18. Beef tenderloin and bacon wrapped quail w parsnips at Cabernet Grill served w Inwood Cornelius. #txwine http://twitpic.com/15jua4
17. Hangar Hotel rocks! Now headed to Cabernet Grill for dinner. Then sleep! Long but great Texas wine day. #txwine
16. At Grape Creek Vineyards tasting Viognier, Cuvee Blanc (my favorite), Petite Sirah, Cabernet Trois, and Cab Syrah.
15. At Becker Vineyards enjoying Reserve Chardonnay (only 300 cases) made a year. http://twitpic.com/15ia0r
14. Just arrived @pedernales cellars. Beautiful view of the Hill Country. http://twitpic.com/15hfz8
13. Lunch at Fredericksburg Herb Farm. Quiche with @Becker Chardonnay. Homemade bread w herbed butter. Delish!
12. Great visit @texashills — bringing home Roussanne. Yum. #txwine
11. Heading to Texas Hills Vineyard in Johnson City. Beautiful Hill Country drive. Can’t wait for the wildflowers. #txwine
10. Touring the new JW Marriott San Antonio Resort. Am definitely coming back! Great restaurants, spa and water park. #jwmsa

9. Scallops with jalapeño honey @jwmsa http://twitpic.com/15d268

8. Great beet and arugula salad at 18 Oaks at new @JWSanAntonio. Paired with @Becker syrah-Cabernet. #jwmsa #txwine http://twitpic.com/15cvb6

7. At JW Marriott new San Antonio resort enjoying beet salad and raw oysters. Yum!

6. Water park at new JW Marriott Hill Country Resort is great. Heated and heavenly. Love the water slides too.

5. New JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country is divine. Lantana Spa looks incredible. Time for the water slide!!

4. Amazing lunch @TRIO (GO TEXAN) @FSAustin w talented chef Todd Duplechan. Loved (Lubbock) beet salad. http://twitpic.com/15ao8o

3. Now @Salt Lick w Fall Creek Tempranillo and Fall Creek Chenin Blanc. Wine + BBQ = greatness. #txwine
2. Love the Mandola Vermentino! From Bingham Family Vineyards #txwine 

1. Started evening @driftwood vineyards and now @mandolaswines #txwine http://twitpic.com/155nqr 

Links to all the Texas wineries are available at: http://www.gotexanwine.org/findwinesandwineries/. A website for the Hill Country Wineries wine trail is located at: www.texaswinetrail.com


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