Five Bars: Signal Strength, not Wine Bars Stupid

Five Bars: Signal Strength, not Wine Bars Stupid!

We are here at Messina Hof Winery and Resort witha  big blue sky above and frost on the ground for the Messina Hof Twitter Taste-Off set to start in about a half hour.

The tasting will include premium and recognized wines from around the world paired with wines from Messina Hof Winery. It will be all done blind (hope everyone brought their blinders); actually it means that the tasters will not know what wines they are tasting only the varietal or wine type.

Following each flight, the tasters will be asked to rate the wines using a U.C. Davis 20-point method and identify which they think is the Texas and the non-Texas wine. At the completion of the tasting, the names, vintages and appellations of all wines will be disclosed.

You can monitoring the tasting that will run from 10 am-12 noon CST today by going to 

We have five bars, not wine bars, but a good strong wireless signal.

See you there.

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