Apr 252011

Texas Two-Sip Tasting at Culinaria Wine and Culinary Arts Festival: Be There…Be Surprised!

Come on down to the Culinaria Wine and Culinary Arts Festival for the Texas Two Sip on Saturday, May 14, Hilton Palacio del Rio Hotel in San Antonio, Texas, 5:30 p.m. – $25 pre-sale, $35 at the door.

Have some fun before the Culinaria Grand Tasting later Saturday evening at the Texas Two-Sip Tasting, where you will blind taste Texas wines against similar non-Texas wines from around the world.

Texas vs. The World; who makes the better wines?  You decide.

See the amazing strides in Texas wine quality since we stopped trying to emulate California and started to make the comparison between Texas wines and the wines of the old world: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Sardinia and southern France.

The Westin La Cantera Resort’s Sommelier Steven Krueger and I will lead you through the Two-Sip Tasting, providing information about Texas’ popular varieties that are winning awards and gaining international attention. This event will be a great aperitif before the Grand Tasting.

I have done several blind tastings with Texas wines with wines from many other regions, most recently in Dallas for the Grape and Gridiron Classic (click here) where Texas and New York State wines went head to head. I’ve even taking Texas wines to France to taste them with some of the best winemakers they have (click here). I even did one blind tasting with Texas wines and wines from Italy where the Italians actually picked Pinot Grigio from Texas as the more Italian wine over the one from their home country.

For more information and tickets for the Culinaria Wine and Culinary Arts Festival and Texas Two-Sip, so to:


See you there!

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