Write Off the Vine….Texas Wine News

“Write Off the Vine”….Texas Wine News

Cowboys Turn Connoisseurs in Texas Wine Region

The Texas Hill Country, where tiny towns dot a landscape of wildflowers and cedar trees, is the kind of place where cowboys and sommeliers meet. Sometimes literally.

There are 22 wineries in the Texas Hill Country, seven around Fredericksburg alone, with two more slated to open soon. Texas is now the nation’s fifth largest wine-producing state.


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Cowboys turn connoisseurs in Texas wine region
Michelle Roberts, San Francisco Chronicle, 11/02/08

$1.35 billion economic impact uncorked for Texas Wine Month Texas

As Texas prepares for a monthlong celebration of its winemakers and grape growers, the Texas Department of Agriculture salutes the industry’s unprecedented production and revenue growth. Texas wine’s total economic impact jumped to $1.35 billion in 2007, according to a study conducted by MKF Research and jointly funded by the Texas Wine & Grape Growers Association and Texas Tech University. The figure represents an increase of 35 percent since 2005.

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High Plains/Mid-West Ag Journal

Texas Grants Will Grow Industry – Texas Ag Department gives $250,000 to subsidize vineyard expansion

A quarter-million dollars in grants from the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) will help fund much-needed growth in the state’s winegrape industry. Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples announced awards of 2:1 matching grants to 10 vineyards through the TDA’s Wine Grape Investment Pilot Grant Program.

Grants were awarded in maximum amounts of $25,000 to qualified applicants who agreed to plant at least five new or additional acres of winegrapes for commercial production purposes, according to the TDA’s website: www.agr.state.tx.us.

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Texas Grants Will Grow Industry
by Jane Firstenfeld

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