Video: Get Your Toes in the Vineyard; Take a Texas Wine Trail Tour

Get Your Toes in the Vineyard; Take a Texas Wine Trail Tour

GO TEXAN WineCast  with Susan Auler from Fall Creek Vineyards

Part of my mission on VintageTexas is to make people that either live in Texas or who are traveling or vacationing in Texas to stop and get their toes in a Texas vineyard. For some, it is hard to imagine what this great state and new wine producing region has to offer wine aficionados in terms of the wine country experience and a sip of premium Texas juice…..fermented that is.

In this video Susan Auler, who is one of the legends of Texas wine and prime movers of our local wine industry, from Fall Creek Vineyards discusses what types and styles of wines are available in Texas and gives a hint as to what can be experienced at a winery or vineyard near you.

If you don’t known where to start, after the video, check out the Go Texan “Find a Texas Winery Page” at:

From there you can also find one of several winery trails offered in Texas. Links to some of these are given below:

Texas Hill Country Wineries:
Grapevine Wine Trail:
Way Out Wineries Trail:
Bluebonnet Wine Trail:
Dallas Wine Trail:
Crosstimbers Wine Trail:
Fredericksburg Wine Road 290:
Munson Wine Trail:

For those of you that have even more grandiose plans, you can combine Texas with the whole American Southwest and do the Southwest Wine Trail; see: 

I am sure that this is not an exhaustive list of Texas wine trails and someone will let me know by either email ( or by simply posted in the comments section below. If you do, I will add other Texas wine trails to this list.

Those of you that can’t make it right now but want to do a virtual tour, read the VintageTexas blog to get a whiff of grape must, the grip of a big Texas Tempranillo or the crunch of some red Texas High Plains “Tierra Roja” dust in your teeth.  See the link below or do a VintageTexas keyword search (See “Find Entries” box in the upper right side of the VintageTexas Header at the top of the page).

Hill Country Holiday Wine Trail Intro –
Day 1 – 
Day 2 –
Day 3 –

From the Mediterranean Shores to Mason County Texas: Act II – Seeing, Tasting and Praying for Terroir:

North Texas Tour Entry 7 – Lone Oak Winery, Last Stop before Home:

 Cheers Y’all!

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