Direct-To-Consumer Shipping Report 2012 – Texas & Non-California Roll-up Biggest Increases

Direct-To-Consumer Shipping Report 2012 – Texas and Non-California Roll-up Biggest Increases

In this most recent annual report (2012 Shipping-Report) by from ShipCompliant and Wines & Vines, there are some really interesting facts about where Texas is in the wine shipping mix (likely dominated by shipments into the state). For example, did you know that:

The “Non-California” category encompasses a hugely diverse set of regions and wineries. Among the wine producing regions in this broad category, Oregon, Washington, New York and Texas each have substantial wine industries. In this category:

  • Wine shipped annually in terms of volume was up 13%
  • Wine shipped annually by value was up 24%
  • The average price per bottle of wine shipped annually was up 11%

On a percentage basis, these statistics outpace the growth that has occurred in Napa, Sonoma, or the rest of California.

Remarkably, only four states—California, Texas, New York and Florida—account for 54% of all wine shipped direct to the consumer.

Texas ranks second in the top ten states for winery-to-consumer shipments; albeit most are shipments into Texas rather than shipments from Texas wineries to consumers.

The top 10 states for shipments of wine represent 74% of the total. Notably, Texas, Washington State, Virginia and North Carolina outpaced the national 7% average increase in volume of wines shipped.

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