2008 GrapeFest People’s Choice Awards

2008 GrapeFest 1st Place Winners

22nd Annual GrapeFest People’s Choice Awards
Thousands of wine enthusiasts cast their votes for their preferred Texas wines at this year’s 22nd Annual GrapeFest during the Chesapeake Energy People’s Choice Wine Tasting Classic. The largest consumer-judged wine competition in the nation featured 126 Texas wines from 36 of the state’s wineries. The results are as follows:

Gold: Messina Hof Winery – Private Reserve Chardonnay, 2006
Silver: Fall Creek Vineyards – Chardonnay, 2007
Bronze: Paris Vineyards – Chardonnay, 2005

White Varietals (all others, <1.5%)
Gold: Purple Possum Winery – Habeñero Mead, NV
Silver: Cross Timbers Winery – Grapevine White, NV
Bronze: Haak Vineyards – Blanc du Bois Dry (Green Label), 2007

White Propietary Blends
Gold: Inwood Estates Vineyards – Palomino Chardonnay, 2006
Silver: Three Dudes Winery – Texas White, 2007
Bronze: Homestead Winery – Desert Rose, NV

White Varietals Sweet (<1.5%)
Gold: Maydelle Country Wines – Lemon, 2008
Silver: Messina Hof Winery – Angel Late Harvest Riesling, 2007
Bronze: Haak Vineyards – Blanc du Bois Semi-Sweet (Blue Label), 2007

Gold: Los Pinos Ranch Vineyards – Rosé the Riveter, NV Silver: LightCatcher Winery – Texas Kiss Merlot Rosé, 2007 Bronze: Red Road Vineyard – Las, 2007

Cabernet Sauvignon
Gold: Texas Hills Vineyard – Kick Butt Cab Hill Country, 2005
Silver: La Bodega Winery – Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, 2006
Bronze: McPherson Cellars – Cabernet Sauvignon, 2005

Gold: Haak Vineyards – Purple Porpoise, NV
Silver: Cross Timbers Winery – “Lily Mi Amor” Merlot, 2006
Bronze: Fall Creek Vineyards – Merlot, NV

Red Varietals (all others, <1.5%)
Gold: Purple Possum Winery – Cranberry Mead, NV
Silver: Inwood Estates Vineyard – Cornelious, 2005
Bronze: Fall Creek Vineyards, Meritus, 2004

Red Propietary Blends
Gold: Inwood Estates Vineyards – Tempranillo Cabernet, 2004
Silver: Messina Hof Winery – Paulo Meritage, 2002
Bronze: Llano Estacado Winery – Viviano, 2005

Red Varietals Sweet (<1.5%)
Gold: LightCatcher Winery – Happy Dog Sweet Red, NV
Silver: La Buena Vida Vineyards – Red Headed Step Child, NV
Bronze: Homestead Winery – Rose of Ivanhoe, NV

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  1. What a great event! How exciting to see so many Texas wines winning awards! Grapevine does an awesome job promoting Texas wines and we appreciate their vision and their commitment to help us. It is such an honor to receive awards for our Messina Hof wines. It is especially sweet when the honor is bestowed by the customers who drink the wines. Thank you for the support for Messina Hof wines!

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