Wine Wiz Quiz: The Wine, The Moon and The Stars

Wine Wiz Quiz: The Wine, The Moon and The Stars

1. Name of the winery located in Sonoma Valley named after the area in which it resides: Valley of the _____________ Winery.

2. How long does it take to Moon to go around the Earth? 

a. 24.532 hours, b. 0.9998 years, c. 1 month, d. 27.322 days

3. What do you call the version of organic winegrowing that blends esoteric philosophy of life forces and planetary influences? 

a. Biodynamics, b. Dianetics, c. Astrophysics, d. GRAPE – The Science Model

4. What do you call the Greek terracotta vessel in which equal parts water and wine were mixed to cut the potency of strong Greek wine? 

a. A Jupiter, b. A Moon Hole, c. A Crater, d. A Goblet

5. What Constellation was previously known in the 1st century as Erigon, the sign of the harvest. It held strong connections with the time that grapes were gathered for the production of wine.

a. Hercules, b. Virgo, c. Teflon, d. Orion

6. What is the measure of the grape growing climate of a region related to solar heating that is calculated by adding the mean temperatures for each day (minus a base temperature of 50 F) over a growing season? 

a. Heat test index, b. Growing index, c. Heat summation index, d. Accuweather index.

BONUS: Why is 50 F used in this index?

7. What is the name of a high quality seedless grape variety that was the 4th release from the Arkansas Agricultural Experimental Station? 

a. Venus, b. Saturn, c. Neptune, d. Pluto

8. What is the name of the SciFi book about Toby Dexter who falls for the woman on a train, a woman who is almost perfect. He little realizes that she isn’t quite human? 

a. Hey, Like Green Wine? b. What Goes with Humans? c. Midnight Wine, d. Martians like Reds and Venusians like Whites.

9. NASA has partnered with the wine industry to help find the best areas in a vineyard using what technology?

a. Solid rocket boosters, b. Starship Enterprise, c. Lunar landings, d. Remote sensing and geospatial technologies.

10. What Texas winery produced NASA’s official wine honoring the 20th Anniversary of the Lunar Landing?

a. Messina Hof, b. Piney Wood Country Winery, c. Llano Estacado, d. Bruno & George Wines.

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