Love Cork Screw: Wine Can be Good and Fun, Too! Introduces New Sauvignon Blanc

Love Cork Screw is the wine and lifestyle brand you bring to a game night with friends, the brand you introduce to board members at an annual gala, and the brand you experience for the first time at a couples paint & sip event. They may not be your traditional wine but because of their commitment to providing unpretensious quality, they are likely to become one of your favorites!

So why the name? The name originated from a blog and radio show Love Cork Screw’s founder, Chrishon Lampley, created. Each section of the blog focused on relatable experiences so when thinking of a brand name, the section titles of LOVE, CORK and SCREW stood out. For more information on bottle and event offerings, check out the website link above.

Chrishon Lampley – blogger, radio host, now wine brand creator.

I was attracted to Love Cork Screw’s recent release of California Sauvignon Blanc called “BE THE LIGHT”. So, I requested a sample along with two other Love Cork Screw wines: “WE GO HIGH” Rosé, and “IN TOO DEEP” Vino Blanco and very pleased with the results. Each wine is serious, friendly, fun…AND, light on the alcohol. Thus, a very good combination for bringing together friends or associates.

“BE THE LIGHT” Sauvignon Blanc was light and inviting with dollops of grassy grapefruit notes that pairs exceedingly well with light seafood. “WE GO HIGH” Rose´ was slightly off-dry with a refreshing red cherry center that says “It’s picnic time and the burgers and dogs are on the grill”. The poolside sipper of the three wines was “IN TOO DEEP” with its fresh frizzante effervescence and zesty lemon-lime.

In total, the wines spoke to me and smiled, and I smiled back. All were well made and friendly proving that wine can be good, serious and fun, too! Check the website and availability online or for stores in your area. You can also follow Chrishon Lampley and Love Cork Screw on Facebook and Instagram.

Refreshing, light on the alcohol, most of all friendly.
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