Dr. B Talks Texas Wine – Blanc Du Bois (The “National” White Grape of Texas)

Dr. B Talks Texas Wine – Blanc Du Bois (The “National” White Grape of Texas)

If you haven’t tried wines made from Texas Blanc Du Bois yet you are missing something… something very special. Based on 2017 Texas Wine Grape Variety Survey from the USDA (click here for more good information in this survey), Blanc Du Bois is the number one planted white grape in Texas. Blanc Du Bois wines made by Texas wineries are winning acclaim worldwide receiving gold, double gold and best of show awards in many international wine competitions.

Best of all, this grape is something special for Texas and Texans. Blanc Du Bois was developed in Florida at the University of Florida in 1968 and officially released in 1987. The development is credited to John Mortensen, a Texan. There are now more producing acres of Blanc Du Bois in Texas than in any other state. Click here for details of the development of Blanc Du Bois from Mortensen’s 1987 Release Circular and results of its initial trails and tasting.

Please click above and watch this Youtube video by Dr. Andreea Botezatu, Assistant Professor and Enology Extension Specialist, Texas A&M University

Factoid: Blanc Du Bois (with a capital “D” in the middle) is the official spelling. It was named in honor of Emile DuBois, who came to Florida from France in 1882. DuBois spearheaded grape growing efforts in the state planting over 150 varieties of grapes and made a wide variety of Florida wines. Mortensen states: “In his honor the name ‘Blanc Du Bois’ was was suggested by Lafayette Vineyards and Winery.”

Blanc Du Bois grapes on the vine at Haak Vineyards and Winery
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