Write Off the Vine: Texas Wine News & Videos – October 21, 2010

Write Off the Vine: Texas Wine News & Videos – October 21, 2010

How To Host a Texas Two-Sip

A Texas Two-Sip tasting is a blind tasting of Texas wines alongside comparable non-Texas wines from the United States or other wine regions around the world. Download the materials below to host your own Texas Two-Sip with family and friends.

All the resources you will need to host a Texas Two-Sip, find a Texas winery or wine trail near you, a list of grape varieties that do well in Texas, find a GoTEXAN restaurant that features Texas wine, and more are located online at: http://www.gotexanwine.org/

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New Academic Programs for the Texas Wine Industry

Texas Tech University is pleased to announce a new initiative made possible through the support of the Texas grape and wine industry. Several new courses and a degree specialization will soon be offered for students seeking careers in the wine industry and in wine retailing. Through the efforts of faculty in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources and the College of Human Sciences, many new courses and one degree option will soon be available to students at Texas Tech University.

Courses Available Beginning in Fall 2009

PSS 1311 Winemaking Worldwide: an Introduction to Wines of the World; PSS 4111 Wine Appreciation; PSS 2314/2114 Wine Production Introduction (Principles of Wine Production) & Lab; PSS 3310 Viticulture I: Principles of Viticulture; PSS 4416 Winemaking Quality Control and Analysis; RHIM 4350 Wine Tourism; PSS 6415 Advanced Winemaking

Courses Available Beginning in Spring 2010

AAEC 5396/ PSS 5316 Winery Business Planning, Design and Operations; RHIM 4340 Wine Marketing; PSS 4XXX Study Abroad; PSS 4310 Viticulture II – Grape Production; PSS 5312 Vineyard Management

More: http://www.pssc.ttu.edu/News-Events/Viticulure_Enology_Courses.php

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Texas Wine of the Month: Haak Vineyards Madeira of Jacquez, 2006

Jessica Dupuy (EatMy Words/Texas Monthly)

For almost a year, we have presented a variety of different wines as some of Texas’ best showstoppers. From commonly known grape varietals such as Sauvignon Blanc and Tempranillo to less familiar grapes such as Black Spanish and Muscat Canelli, each new Texas Wine of the Month is a testament to the wide range of grapes the Lone Star state can produce—and produce well.

This month, we bring you another uncommon wine selection, a Madeira wine produced just outside of Galveston. That’s right, Galveston.

With 20% alcohol, the Haak Madeira of Jacquez is a strong wine that may not be appreciated by all palates, but it does make a perfect sipping digestif. Made exclusively from Jacquez grapes grown in the Gulf Coast region, the winery’s estufa—the heating element for producing the wine—is one of the very few in the United States today.

Winery: Haak Vineyards and Winery

Retail Price: ~$40

Availability: Spec’s and at Haak Vineyards and Winery

More: http://www.texasmonthly.com/blogs/eatmywords/?p=1453

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Texas Wine is Alive and That’s No Bull

The Texas wine grape industry started in 1650 when Father Garcia de San Francisco y Zuniga, the founder of El Paso, planted vineyards for the production of sacramental wine (he is credited with the first vineyard planted in North America). It was not until the late 1960’s and 70’s that a new wine revolution began, and today the Lone Star State is home to over 200 wineries, and ranks fifth in total wine production in the United States (description from Appellation America). Some of the larger wineries of Texas include: Ste. Genevieve (#1- 600,000 cases), Llano Estacado (#2- 100,000 cases), Becker (#3), Messina Hof (#4) and Fall Creek (#5). Twenty-eight of Texas’ 254 counties still remain dry, even today. Harvest time is the end of July, two months earlier than California.

More: http://www.thefiftybest.com/wine/the_wine_detective/texas_wine.html

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10 Texas Wines to Tempt Your Taste Buds

John Griffin (SavorSA)

The calendar tells us that October is Texas Wine Month, but many of us “loca-pours” — the wine-loving equivalent of a locavore  — have been enjoying the state’s rich bounty all year long. The following is a list of 10 Lone Star wines worth seeking out. Many are at fine wine shops in the area. Others are available only at the winery or online.

The list could stretch on an on to include selections from many of the state’s other fine wineries, such as Fall Creek, Brennan, Pedernales Cellars, LightCatcher and Inwood Estates. These are just to get you started.

1. Haak Winery Blanc du Bois (Dry) 2009

2. Perissos Vineyard and Winery Texas Hill Country Viognier 2007

3. Stone House Vineyards Claros Norton 2008

4. Calais Winery Tempranillo 2009

5. Texas Hills Vineyards Toro de Tejas Newsom Vineyards Tempranillo 2009

Details and More: http://www.savorsa.com/2010/10/10-texas-wines-to-tempt-your-taste-buds/

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