Write Off the Vine: Texas Wine News – July 22, 2010

Write Off the Vine: Texas Wine News – July 22, 2010

Texas Wine of the Month: Dry Comal Creek Vineyards, Black Spanish Reserve, 2008

by Jessica Dupuy, Eat My Words

Among the few varietals Texas winemakers are heralding as the star grapes of Texas, the Tempranillo and the Viognier are at the top of the list. And while these grapes certainly do well in the Lone Star state, their Spanish and French origins don’t exactly make them native selections. There is, however, a native Texas grape that some winemakers have used with great success. It’s called the Black Spanish grape.

And while it has almost identical counterparts in France named Lenoir and Jacques, this hearty varietal, known for its dark black fruit, originates in Texas. (It was introduced to the Europeans in the 1850s.) In addition to its unique red juice qualities (it actually bleeds red juice when crushed, while most other red grapes bleed white juice), the Black Spanish grape is miraculously resistant to Pierce’s Disease, a bacterial pathogen that kills grape vines, and Phylloxera, a small insect that feeds on vines—both of which are commonly found in Texas.

More at: http://www.texasmonthly.com/blogs/eatmywords/?p=1033

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2010 Crush for Fun at Pleasant Hill Winery

It’s time for the annual grape crush at Pleasant Hill Winery. Join the fun on four big weekends! July 24 & 25, July 31 & August 1,  August 7 & 8, August 14 & 15.

Adults: You get purple feet and a special T-shirt : “I picked, I stomped, I made some wine.”. Bring the kids and don’t forget your camera! This “Pleasant” experience is only $25. Kids: You get purple feet, too! You also get some grape juice and a T-shirt for $15.

www.pleasanthillwinery.com; 1441 Salem Road, Brenham, TX 77833

For more information, email: texaswines@yahoo.com. Or call:  (979) 830-VINE

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New expanded registry will benefit Texas wine industry

TDA, AgriLife Extension cooperated on extensive new buyer/seller venue

by Paul Schattenberg,

Wine-grape growers interested in selling their fruit, as well as winemakers interested in buying wine grapes or selling bulk wine, may find their “connection” through the new Texas Wine Grape Registry.

“The registry gives wine-grape and wine buyers and sellers a way to share information about grapes and bulk wines available for sale,” said Robert Champion, state coordinator for wine marketing at the Texas Department of Agriculture.

Champion said the online registry is authorized through the state’s agriculture code and is hosted and maintained by the agriculture department. It provides up-to-date information for users, and those adding listings are responsible for the accuracy of the posted content.

More at: http://agnews.tamu.edu/showstory.php?id=2032

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Take a seat and have a sip

At the Fair? You bet.

The State Fair of Texas Wine Garden offers visitors a number of reasons to stop by. It’s a good place to relax, people-watch, learn about wine, sample wine or, on weekends, a place to enjoy live jazz, a glass of red or white and some cheese and fruit.

Wine tastings are held daily and cost from 2 to 6 coupons, depending on what’s being poured. Wine by the glass and wine-paired snacks are for sale; check the Wine Garden for prices.

Vinters will be on hand from 12 noon till 7 p.m. Check here for a scheduled listing of participating Texas wineries. The State Fair of Texas Wine Garden is open from 10AM-10PM Friday thru Monday and on Tuesday thru Thursday 10AM-9PM. The Wine Garden is sponsored by Kroger Food Stores and GO TEXAN. The State Fair of Texas will be held September 24 – October 17, 2010. Check for dates when specific Texas wineries will be pouring at:


More at: http://www.bigtex.com/sft/Entertainment/Entertainmentwinegarden.asp

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Bottle Rocket: Try Kiepersol Winery’s White Blend,

By Jason Hisaw

My car temperature gauge peaked at 103 degrees last week. Really? Well, I don’t know about you, but I headed to the pool…with a bottle of wine. Which one? It was a white blend from Texas. Surprised?

I recently visited the Kiepersol Winery in Tyler, Texas, where I tried their 2009 Vit white blend. I was blown away by its slight touch of sweetness, racy acidy, and amazing floral aromas that reminded me of apples and pears. This wine is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Pinot Grigio, and Semillon grapes. I couldn’t have chosen a better wine for poolside sipping.

I fired up the grill, tossed on a few jumbo prawns, and retreated to the AC, where I tossed together a simple salad of  spinach, fresh peaches and a light vinaigrette. As the sun slipped away, I sipped my Kiepersol Vit. Grilled shrimp, Texas peaches, a simple spinach salad, and a glass of Vit.

More at: http://escapehatchdallas.com/2010/07/19/bottle-rocket-try-kiepersol-winerys-white-blend-says-sommelier-jason-hisaw/

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  1. I just wanted to make a correction on the State Fair of Texas Wine Garden sponsored by GoTexan program. Vintners or represntatives should be sampling wine from 10AM-10PM Friday-Monday. On Tuesday – Thursday it is 10AM-9PM.

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