New Book from Doc Russ Texas WineSlinger on the Texas Hill Country Wineries

Starting in 1976, the Aulers planted an estate vineyard (shown here in 1983) on the shore of Lake Buchanan at their Fall Creek property in Tow north of Fredericksburg. This location provided beneficial cooling breezes, but also bought Pierce’s Disease that for many years challenged Fall Creek Vineyards and other hill country vineyards trying to grow European vinifera grapes. (Texas Hill Country Wineries – Courtesy of Ben Smusz.)

New Book from Doc Russ Texas WineSlinger on the Texas Hill Country Wineries

Upon reviewing my previous best-selling book, The WineSlinger Chronicles: Texas on the Vine, international wine luminary Oz Clarke rattled off the following blurb:

“Doc Russ is the kind of guy who can mix blues, barbecue and Barbera in a truly Texan way, and as he writes I can smell the mesquite smoke, hear the wailing guitar and chew the High Plains ripe red fruit. Right on Russ!”

The WineSlinger Chronicles (published by Texas Tech Press) is a literary treatment with stories the shed light on the heart and soul of the statewide Texas wine industry and focuses on its key people, their key contributions and personal stories. The personalized and autographed book makes a great gift for friends, family and associates that love good stories of Texas pioneering grit, gumption and perseverance. For your holiday discount on your purchase of The Wineslinger Chronicles, click here.

As you may know, I’ve not been sitting around letting the blowing west Texas red dirt gather in my boots. I’ve been working on a new book titled, Texas Hill Country Wineries, and it will be released by Arcadia Publications next month (in January 2015).

Photo circa early-1900s: Members of the Lorenz family and friends standing by cultivated grapevines on their property near Fredericksburg. It is harvest time.with everyone holding ripe bunches of grapes. (Texas Hill Country Wineries – Courtesy of Gillespie County Historical Society, Fredericksburg, Texas.)

This new book is a pictorial treatment of the Texas wine experience going back to its genesis in the 1600s in the Mexican town of El Paso del Norte. It follows the evolution of the immigrant farmer/winemaker experience that survived national Prohibition. The book culminates with today’s emergence of the central Texas hill country that was recently recognized by the Wine Enthusiast on their 2014 list of International Must-See Wine Destinations. This book contains approximately 100 pages and over 170 mostly color images carefully selected to tell the evolving story of the Texas Hill Country Wineries.

For more information on my Texas Hill Country Wineries book and your pre-release discount purchase option for an autographed and personalized copy of this book, click here.

Grape Creek Vineyards is a destination winery, an oasis sheltered under tall oak trees with the appropriate moniker “Tuscany in Texas” coming from its romantic Italian villa architecture. Taste wine in the tasting room, ease yourself down in the shade under the oaks. Texas Hill Country Wineries.

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Award winning author Russell Kane, shares his time between Houston and the Texas hill country. He is a technical writer with over 250 publications, researcher, wine writer/blogger and wine aficionado whose international wine travels and work spans three decades.

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