A Different Texas Chip with My Texas Wine

A Different Texas Chip with My Texas Wine

I am always on the lookout for new things to pair with Texas wines particularly if they are also from Texas. I think I found something here: A Texas Chip for Texas Wine and a Chip to pair with Red Wine. Best of all, it is a Texas product, just like the wines I like to drink.

The chips are a new release from Beanitos (www.beanitos.com) in Austin, Texas. They come in two types – Black Bean and Pinto Bean. These chips combine beans with whole grain rice (also adding in whole brown flaxseed to the pinto chip recipe) to create a special dough that is shaped and cut into round chips.  The chips are baked, flash-fried in vegetable oil and finished with a light dusting of sea salt.

What I found particularly interesting is the earthy flavor of these chips that was noticeably different than my standard fare (water crackers or whole wheat Triskets). Also, when combined with a range of cheeses, spreads and salsas, these chips paired exceptionally well with wine.

My personal favorite was the black bean chips because they offered particularly deep, dark earthiness that pairing well with the red wine that I opened: Mandola Winery (www.mandolaestatewinery.com) Dolcetto (dry red wine). The pinto bean/flax chips had a lighter consistency and matched well with the Messina Hof (www.messinahof.com) Gewürztraminer (semi-dry white wine) and Mandola Winery Vermentino (dry white wine). One serving suggestion that I have is to pour a semi-sweet or a fruit forward wine like Gewürztraminer, Muscat Canelli, or Viognier with spicy dips and salsas, and a dry white wine for lighter, milder cheeses. Save the red wines for more flavorful and aromatic cheeses.

For you health nuts……Beanito’s black bean chips and their pinto bean/flax chips are the only bean chips that I have found that are corn and gluten free, and are also high in fiber, protein and Omega 3s! What a deal.

Give these Texas chips a try with your next bottle of Texas wine. Let’s spend our hard earned cash within the state!

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  1. Nice piece on pairing two of my personal favorite things together. You don’t get more Texan than pairing chips and salsa with Texas wine. Thanks for Mandola Estate Winery suggestion!

  2. Thank you so much for the awesome review of our chips! You’ll be happy to know that we have added 2 more flavors to our offerings, so get out there and try them. Our Chipotle BBQ Black Bean chips are insanely amazing with guacamole or hummus. (Maybe not the best choice with wine but, still worth checking out.)

    We’re glad to be your new favorite!

    April Riggs
    Customer Experience Manager – Beanitos

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