Snowy Winter Scenes from Texas Wine Country

Snowy Winter Scenes from Texas Wine Country

Report are coming in from north Texas decribing the widespread snow that same over the past couple days.

Howard Davies located north of Dallas near the Texas Oklahoma border at Lone Oak Vineyard ( measured about 3 inches of snow.

Bobby Cox, viticultural consultant on the Texas High Plains near Lubbock reported, an inch of moisture in the form of snow, rain and ice at Martin’s Vineyard and nearly eleven inches for the year – more than all last year.

J.Parker had a very accurately measured 1.9 inches of snow near Decatur.

Jim Johnson at Alamosa Wine Cellars ( in San Saba did not report on the amount of snow but figured that he just woke up yesterday morning in the German Mosel wine region.

Les Constable at Brushy Creek Vineyards ( on the Crosstimbers provided the photo of the snow that I would guess ended up being around 2 to 3 inches.

Nobody in Texas wine country is complaining about the winter precipitation. It was well received no matter what the form it took. The vines are asleep. As usual, we Texans are bundled in a mismatch of winter gear and looking forward to a fine harvest year in 2010. It is a lot better to get this cold wintery weather now than at the end of March.

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  1. Re: Snowy Winter Scenes From Texas Wine Country Feb 13,2010
    Howard Davies’ vineyard is not Lone Oak. Lone Oak is in Burleson and is owned by Gene Estes. Howard Davies owns Oak Creek Vineyards as well as Arche’ the associated winery, both near the Oklahoma border.
    Amy Sterling

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