Texas Falls to Sixth Place in the Number of Wineries According to WineBusiness.com

Texas Falls to Sixth Place in the Number of Wineries According to WineBusiness.com

According to www.WineBusiness.com, the number of wineries in the United States increased by 122 over last year, to reach a total of 6,223 as of November 2009, according to the Wine Business Monthly proprietary database. This total is made up of 5,304 bonded wineries and 919 “virtual wineries.”

A year ago, WineBusiness.com reported the states with the most wineries are: California with 3,005 total wineries (2,219 bonded, 786 virtual), Washington with 539 (511 bonded, 28 virtual), Oregon with 398 (321 bonded, 77 virtual) and New York with 246 (232 bonded, 14 virtual). Five other states are in the triple-digits this year: Texas (160), Virginia (152), Pennsylvania (136), Ohio (109) and Michigan (106).

This year, California is still home to 49 percent of the total wineries in the U.S., a percentage that has remained consistent for the past four years. While wineries have existed in all 50 states for some time, 10 states each now have over 100 wineries. California continues its lead with 3,047 total wineries, followed in descending order by: Washington with a total of 564 wineries, Oregon with 453, New York with 229, Virginia with 163, Texas with 157, Pennsylvania 141, Ohio 120, Michigan 104 and North Carolina 101.

The change in position between Virginia and Texas moves Texas to the sixth place position in the number of active wineries in the United States. But, this is a neck-and-neck race with only 6 wineries separating the the two states in the winery count.

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