Calling All Texas Bloggers – Write about a Texas Wine During Regional Wine Week

Calling All Texas Bloggers – Write about a Texas Wine During Regional Wine Week

RosieWhat to do for an encore after the overwhelmingly successful first regional wine week last October:

and the Go Texan conference and Texas Twitter Taste-Off in Dallas last month:

Obviously, the 2nd nnual Regional Wine Week. It is about to begin and run from Oct. 11-17, 2009.

CALLING ALL TEXAS BLOGGERS: This year, we’re shooting to get as many regional bloggers and writers as possible from around the United States and Canada (who aren’t in California or the Pacific Northwest) to write about wines from right here (i.e. wine from their own backyards) – wherever “here” might be.

You can write about any wine you want, and you don’t have to be some of sort of wine geek. Just go to your local winery, wine shop or supermarket and get a bottle that suits your tastes – Cabernet, Syrah, Viognier, Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Sangiovese, Catawba, Niagara, Norton, or a good white or red blend….your choice. It can even be the simple homemade stuff as long as it was made with Texas grapes.

NOTE: One word of caution: If the back wine lable says “For Sale in Texas Only”, it is not likely made with enough grapes actally grown in Texas to be called a local or Texas wine.

If you like wine and you have a blog; you are the person-of-the-week. Texas Bloggers come to the support of your local wines. Texas is now the 5th largest wine producing state in USA , has about 200 Texas wineries statewide with their wines winning growing national and international acclaim.

If you’d like to participate, send Dave McIntyre an email at or Jeff Siegel at

All you have to do is to post something on a wine made in Texas during the week of Oct. 11-17 and send Dave or Jeff the permalink to your blog. The link will be posted on, which will act as a portal to allow interested readers to find you and other bloggers who are writing about local wine.

If you Twitter, please tag your Texas wine tweets with #DLW09 (for Drink Local Wine 2009) and #TXwine (for Texas Wine) so others can follow you.

All they ask is that you mention and Regional Wine Week in your posts and on your blog leading up to Oct. 11 so we can get that viral Internet thing working.

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  1. Excellent! Glad you found something to your taste. Texas is a big state and has lots to offer. Its not Burgundy or Bordeaux, but it is close akind to Spain, Southern Rhone, Sicily, Mendosa (Argentina) and Australia.

    The unique aspect of Texas is that it is a warm growing region that has issues with late Spring freezes.

    Enjoy Regional Wine Week!


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