Oct 062011

Houston…Get Ready for a Treat! McPherson Cellars Roussanne (Texas) 2010

I just found out that Houston (and maybe other locales that have access to Spec’s Stores) has a Texas wine treat in store for its resident wine consumers.

Spec’s has announced that it will carry McPherson Cellars, Roussanne, Texas, 2010. It is a relatively new variety of wine grape for Texas.

Per their advertisement in yesterday’s Houston Chronicle:

“Grown in deep sandy loam (north Texas near Lubbock) and fermented for 4.5 weeks at 52 degrees in stainless steel tanks with no malo-lactic (secondary fermentation). It is aged in stainless tanks and sees no oak. Light gold-straw in color with well formed legs; dry, medium-blight bodied with freshly balanced acidity. Fresh and citrusy with notes of lemon and orange. Refreshing and alove in the mouth. Perfect for our current unseasonably warm weather. Spec’s Score: 90. Tech: 13.6% alcohol; 100% Roussanne. $9.99/bottle, $112.44/case (cash price).

Stop for a moment and look at the price tag for this true Texas wine experience: a Texas wine of this caliber and it only costs ten bucks!

Roussanne, while not a household grape variety name (yet) in Texas, it seems destine for greatness here. This white grape buds later than most other white grape varieties, which is a critical trait for success in Texas vineyards. Our typical late Spring freeze is the number one vineyard problem which can limit both wine quality and quantity.

I usually don’t provide recommendations, but maybe once of year. But, in the case of this wine, I will make an exception. I tasted the McPherson Cellars 2010 Roussanne during my High Plains trip back in April and found it a true delight on my palate.

I’m willing to bet that if you like Viognier, you will LOVE Roussanne, and if you don’t like Viognier, you will LOVE Roussanne. Need I say more?

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