VintageTexas Cyclopedia of Wine: The Wine Grape Called Picpoul

VintageTexas Cyclopedia of Wine: The Wine Grape Called Picpoul

Pronounced “peek-pool” (also spelled Piquepoul), this variety of white wine grape is cultivated in the Southern Rhone and Languedoc regions of France ( It is known for creating vinosity and freshness in the white wine blends of these regions. Picpoul is also used to make a light, dry Picpoul de Pinet in the area around Sète, France, along the Mediterranean Coast.

Picpoul is also the synonym name for Folle Blanche variety grown in the Armagnac region of France. In the Cotes de St-Mont zone adjoining the Madiran region of southwestern France, it is known as the Gros Meslier. In Spain, the variety has the name Picapoll and synonym names Avello and Picpoule Blanc.

Picpoul is starting to be grown in Texas as it appears to like warm winegrowing regions. The first medal for a Texas-grown Picpoul was given at the 2010 Lone Star International Wine Competition ( A Silver Medal was awarded to Bending Branch Estate Vineyard ( located near Comfort, Texas, for their Picpoul Blanc.

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