Join Dale Robertson, Houston Chronicle Sports/Wine Writer on TXwine Twitter Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dale Robertson - Houston Chronicle Sports/Wine Guy

Join Dale Robertson, Houston Chronicle Sports/Wine Writer on TXwine Twitter Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Denise Fraser (@DeniseFraser) and I (@VintageTexas) hope you can join us for the next TX Wine Twitter Tuesday at 7 p.m. Tuesday, December 6th. We will have Dale Robertson, the Houston Chronicle sports and wine writer (@SportyWineGuy), with us to taste and discuss a selection of Texas wines.

Dale Robertson evaluates wines for his Chronicle column using an innovative 30-point scale: 10 for quality, 10 for value and 10 for availability. As described by Jeff Siegel, The Wine Curmudgeon and founder, “By adding that last criterion, Robertson has eliminated one of the most aggravating parts of scoring. Wines that no one can buy always seem to get high scores, as if one of the reasons for the high score is that it’s so rare.” So, for our December TX Wine Twitter Tuesday, we have three Texas wines available in Dale’s home town of Houston and many other major wine markets in Texas:

CapRock Winery, Roussanne, 2010 – $11 (Dry white wine)

McPherson Cellars, La Herencia, 2009 $11 (Dry Spanish-style red blend)

Messina Hof Cabernet Franc, Cedar Crest Vineyard, 2009 – $21 (Dry red wine)

Representatives for these three wineries will also join our online tasting to answer your questions about their wines, wineries and related topics. We will also discuss the big win for Messina Hof in the recent 2012 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo International Wine Competition for the Top Texas Wine – Messina Hof Solara, Texas, 2004. Click here for more details.

So pick up one or more of these wines and join us for our Texas wine chat and tasting. Please remember to use the Twitter hashtag #TXwine with your tweets.

To indicate your participation and to put a reminder on your calendar, go to:

NOTE: If you’re new to Twitter, here’s how you participate: just sign up for a free Twitter account at To make it easy to follow and participate in the discussion, go to the Tweetchat room set up for TXwine Twitter Tuesdays: No registration is required; you can login using your Twitter account.

In the Tweetchat room, participants are invited to follow tweets, add comments, and share thoughts as the participants taste and discuss the wines. Participants should use the hashtag #TXwine with Tweets, if using TweetDeck or another Twitter application.

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