Survived Ike's Ugly Rath – Better things are coming in October

Ike\'s Aftermath: Tree 4 Sale - Cheap!

The tree in my front yard…..want a slightly used tree, cheap?

Our thoughts and prayers go out the those that felt the wrath of Hurricane Ike this past weekend. Luckily, my family only suffered minor damages, loss of power, water and air conditioning. But, some have suffered and are still suffering a far worse fate and have catastrophic damage and devastating personal losses.

But, better things are coming. The season’s first cool front has made it through Houston. At least, this will make clean-up and recovery from Hurricane Ike a little more tolerable.

Let’s take a moment to count our blessings and look forward to the coming month of October.  This is Texas wine month and it will be celebrated on October 1 with a Go Texan Restaurant Round-Up.

This event will involve the first-ever statewide Texas Dine-Out Day sponsored by the Texas Department of Agriculture. Proceeds will go to food banks around the state. These are some of the same organizations that are working so hard right now to help those affected by Hurricane Ike. It is a good way to support the relief effort and fight hunger in Texas at the same time.

Participating restaurants will serve all-Texas menus or feature special Texas food entrées and wines. Events are planned for all major cities in Texas. For more information about the events, venues and participating restaurants, go to:


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