Texas Hill Country Wineries Tasting Stop: Airis’Ele Vineyards 2021 Redlin – It’s Time to Discover Texas Dry Rose All Pretty in Pink

Airis’Ele Vineyards Rosé

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Let’s start with a little lesson in French: Airis’Ele translated to English means… Well, “Iris” and “He”. So, this winery could be called “His Iris Vineyard”. Let’s leave my bad French behind. The lesson here is that a little French is sometime worse than no French… see below!

Actually, Airis’Ele is a blending of two names: Airis comes from John Bernard’s side of the family, and Ele is derived from Chris’s maiden name Bendele … to become Airis’Ele. (pronounced Air-is-L). Now, let’s move on to the main story…the winery and the wine.

Farm house now Airis’Ele winery and tasting room

Airis’Ele Vineyards was founded by the Bernard and Perrenoud Families with passion and experience grafted into one entity to bring fine Texas wines to your table. If you’ve driven the Route 290 Wine Road between Fredericksburg and Johnson City, you’ve likely seen it off to the north just east of South Grape Creek. What used to be an old farm house is now a modern winery and tasting room. Glad you found it and we are here ready for a taste of something special.

Airis’Ele Vineyards 2021 Redlin Dry Rosé, Texas High Plains, Farmhouse Vineyards

I ask you, what’s not to like about this wine? It’s pretty in pink once it arrives in your glass. It’s actually a light pink color with a light dash of salmon color, lighter than you might expect from its presence in the bottle. The grapes used to make the 2021 Redlin were grown up in northwestern Texas (Texas High Plains AVA) at Farmhouse Vineyards that’s owned and operated by two pairs of brothers and sisters-in-law, the Seaton’s & Furgeson’s. They comprise eight generations of high plains farming and now grow premium Texas wine grapes for some of the best wineries in the state. 

The Redlin Dry Rosé is a blend of lightly extracted red grape varieties that bring you “cherriness” and cheerfulness with your first swirl, sniff and sip. Red bing cherry dominates until it morphs like an expanding universe into mineral, green herb, strawberry and melon. It ends with a dry and comfortably tart and lingering finish. 

As a wine region, Texas struggles to get enough locally grown white wines just like warmer regions of southern France. This rosé fits in well here just like as Rosés do in southern France. It is light and easy to drink and provides augment to lighter fare, fun, and outings with friends and family. Bring on the roasted chicken, buttered corn on the cob, and cucumber / onion / tomato salad. Or, as I have here, a light snack of smoked salmon, dill, diced onion and sour cream on toasted whole wheat crackers. Simple and simply a great one-two combination.

How Airis’Ele Came to Be

Bret and Chris Perrenoud

One half of the Airis’Ele ownership team, Bret and Chris Perrenoud have been in the Texas wine business combined for over 41 years. Chris is 6th generation Texan, born in Fredericksburg. After starting a part-time job while attending college at a new winery, she fell in love with the industry. Bret & Chris shifted their education majors to the Texas wine industry. Chris is actually responsible for getting Bret his first interview in the wine trade.

John and Susie Bernard

The other half of this venture is John and Susie Bernard. They are very involved in the community and both are very familiar with the hospitality industry. Together the Perrenouds and Bernards seem well balanced for this new winery venture just like the wines they make.

Added Bonus at Airis’Ele Vineyards: Tasting Room & Bird Watching

Located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country just 10 miles East of Fredericksburg, Texas. The well-appointed tasting room offers panoramic views of the majestic oak trees on the edge of the riparian Beckmann Draw. With both indoor and outdoor tasting areas, you’ll enjoy the peaceful ambiance while savoring our curated wines.

Airis’Ele Vineyards tasting room

Bring your binoculars and keep an eye out for frequent visits from over 20 species of birds and an occasional sighting of Axis deer on the property.

For more information on the winery, wines, hours, events and location, click here.

Photo Credit: Airis’Ele Vineyards

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