Rosé wines from Château de Berne / Ultimate Provence: A Secret Backcountry of Provence Experience

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The French region of Provence, while world-famous for its rosé wines, is less appreciated for the outstanding variety of its terroirs. The Côtes-de-Provence appellation alone spans six vast territories, running from East to West, each with its own unique soil type, geography, and climate.

Château de Berne, located in the Haut-Pays (Highland) area, is characterized by limestone hills and shallow valleys. This lesser-known, secret backcountry of Provence yields structured reds and fruity, delicate whites and rosés. The estate itself combines the best of two worlds in terms of geology and altitude. The heart of Berne’s vineyard, where 80% of its vines are located, is positioned on a chalky plateau, at an altitude of 980 ft. Cool nights, combined with a broad daytime temperature range, allow the grapes to mature slowly enhancing the wine’s freshness and delicate aromas.

Chateau de Berne Estate in French Provence Wine Region

Chateau de Berne Romance and Inspiration Rosés and Ultimate Provence Rosé cover a range of affordability $21.99, generally in the range of $14-37. The economic Romance Rosé features a fun special effect inside the bottle, as a bubble motif appears when the wine is poured, Inspiration has an exclusive square bottle that is a tribute to the Roman architecture and a nod to the estate’s long history of winemaking dating back to Roman times. The winery’s flagship wine, Inspiration, has received a 91-point score from Wine Enthusiast. This trio of wines is available from Inspiration is also available in Houston at Spec’s (

Location of Chateau de Berne estate (see pin drop on map)

Ultimate Provence’s Chateau de Berne estate has modern design features: a chic boutique hotel nestled in an oasis of fresh green surroundings, and the estate makes a lasting impression. Tucked away in the hills behind Saint-Tropez, it offers guests an unexpected taste of Provence, in a remarkable atmosphere that awakens the senses and jostles the codes of this terroir’s ancestral traditions.

Ultimate Provence wines offer an explosion of delightful aromas and bountiful pleasures for the palate. Chef Romain Franceschi’s colorfully creative and mouthwatering gourmet cuisine, a truly sensory experience in perfect harmony with the estate’s wines. This is a place of epicurean and aesthetic delights, conveying the feeling of a dream-come-true getaway experience. Be it waking up in a stylish and cozy room with breathtaking views of the Notre-Dame-des-Anges mountain range, learning about the art of wine-tasting with an expert sommelier, or relaxing by the luxurious pool UP offers a veritable oasis of charm for those seeking to chill out and enjoy life. UP received a 93-point score from Wine & Spirits. 

The five-star Relais & Château de Berne estate includes a hotel and private villa accommodations, as well as a Michelin-starred restaurant “Le Jardin de Berne” which features an eco-conscious approach to fine dining and in 2021 received the new Michelin Green Star distinction, awarded for exemplary sustainable restaurant practices. Completed by the spa, cooking school and various leisure activities, Château de Berne offers food & wine lovers, athletes, adventurers, and those simply looking for quiet contemplation, the promise of an unforgettable experience. 

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