TWGGA 2021 Texas Wine and Grape Virtual Forum

The Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association is proud to be the oldest, and only state-wide industry organization that supports, promotes and legislatively addresses issues among vineyard owners, grape crop producers/managers, and winery and tasting room managers/buyers as well as vineyard and grape crop manufacturers and distributors and winery and tasting room product and service vendors.

It time again for the TWGGA Anneal Conference, Forum and Trade Show, but this year, it will be all virtual using an advanced Zoom platform (click here for details and registration). Some event dates were recently changes due to the seasonal but inclement weather.

I have to drop in a personal comment here. When I doing bacskground research for my book on the Texas wine experience, The Wine Slinger Chronicles, I was talking to a long time Texas grape grower when I asked him about the weather. He said to me, “Weather! Texas ain’t got weather, we only have extremes!” Well, the events of this month certainly are in line this good old boys atmospheric sentiments. But, now back to the show…

Featured highlights of the 2021 Texas Wine and Grape Virtual Forum are given below:

It all starts March 2nd with a series of Tasting Room Management and Business/Marketing Sessions.

On March 4th there is Vineyard Pesticide CEU Session and on March 9th is the very exciting Gold Medal Virtual Tasting Session where a selection of wines are shipped to you (if you register in time) for a guided tasting of the top winners from the recent Lons Start International Wine Competition.

On March 9th and 10th, the topics change to Vineyard and Winery Management.

Detailed speakers guide (for download in PDF) including listing for events and presentations in these and more sessions is on the TWGGA website (click here). Full or selective partial registrations are also available, click here.

I hope to see you there as we learn about topics from freeze protection, varietal grape selection including upcoming new varieties, influences of oak and yeast on wine, transportation of grapes, wine consumption trend pre- and post-COVID19, marketing to Millennials and Gen Z wine consumers, and last but not least, Texas wine tasting.

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