Houston, Get Ready… The Newsoms Are Coming To Town!

Houston, Get Ready… The Newsoms Are Coming To Town!

This Wednesday, October 17th, Newsom Vineyards is participating in a wine dinner at El Mason Restaurant, 2425 University Boulevard in Rice Village (Houston, Texas). The El Meson Vintner Dinner featuring Newsom Vineyards starts with a reception at 7 pm.

According to Chef Pedro Garcia, “El Meson is proud to receive Nolan Newsom and his wife Yanmei of Newsom Vineyards. The Newsom family operates what is by many accounts is Texas’s finest vineyard where some of the first Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot were planted. Located on the High Plains of Texas, the vineyard enjoys a high elevation, 3,750 feet, dry winds, plenty of sun, and the perfect amount of water drawn from the High Plains’s Ogallala aquifer. The Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot were planted in the 1980s, other varieties came after. Newsom vineyard is one of the largest in Texas, serving more than a dozen of the states top wineries.”

Nolan and Yanmei Newsom, Newsom Vineyards

Rumors have it that Daddy Newsom (Neal) who helped start the whole Texas wine movement and his wife Janice may show up, too. This will really be a treat.

Food and Wine Menu…

  • Carabinero prawn with soft Burgundy cheese and fruit w/ 2016 Newsom Vineyards Albariño
  • Halibut with saffron polenta w/ 2016 Newsom Vineyards Syrah
  • Venison medallion with truffle and mushroom coulis w/ 2015 Newsom Vineyards Tempranillo
  • Beef Wellington w/ 2015 Newsom Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon (more rumors: they say that Nolan Newsom may have a hand in the preparation of this dish)
  • Crème brûlée w/ 2015 Newsom Vineyards Dry Muscat

Chef Garcia welcomes you to “Experience Texas!”

If there are seats still open, get your tickets for this not-to-be-missed event at Eventbrite (click here).




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