Texas Twitter Tales – Notes on Texas Wines from the World of Social Media

Texas Twitter Tales – Notes on Texas Wines from the World of Social Media

Its good to see how many people are using the hashtag #TXwine to tag their tweets….

For those of you not tweeting about your Texas wine experiences (tourists, consumers, winemakers, growers), here are some examples of how it works. Twitter is basically, the “buzz” of the social media world. The more people that tweet about Texas wine, the more people read about Texas wine. Just start a free Twitter accound at: http://www.twitter.com and type by answering the very simple questions…”What am I doing? Where am I going? What’s new? Who did I meet?

Lots of good stuff going on in the world of Texas wine and the world of Social Media for Texas wine; see below:

@BinghamVineyard: Brix &  pH results for Aug. 30, 2010 http://bit.ly/c5WaWO #TXWine

@BinghamVineyard: http://twitpic.com/2j27tq – CapRock tour #txwine <–R the kiddos in the background reprogramming the temp controllers?

@BrushyCreekVyrd: Part1. With Labor Day weekend ahead; the plan for harvesting Cab Sav at ClearCreek Vnrd. http://bit.ly/9KAOu6 #TXwine

@dry_comal_creek: Lubbock AJ writes about the…cool #txwine passport program: http://ht.ly/2wXZw <–visit wineries and get cool stuff

@VintageTexas: ‘Cyclopedia of Wine: Vintage Charts – Not for the faint of heart. http://bit.ly/chFd0Y #TXwine .. http://twib.es/t-JVU8V

@HammondHouse: http://bit.ly/bvjp3o Demand for Texas Grapes is stronger than supply; Hopefully this year ‘s huge harvest will help greatly. #TXWine

@LENNDEVOURS: @vinotology sell out punk…stay true to Texas wine country [VT-comment: It’s a brutal world out there in response on Ben’s search for a wine job outside of Texas]

@danhz: Walked in to my office to find a bottle of Texas wine on my desk…a great way to start the day. Good Freiend #TXWine

@GO_TEXAN: Not sure how the Texas winery passport works or where you can use it? http://tinyurl.com/LubbockOnlinePassportStory #TXWine

@alamosawineguy: Barreling down High Valley Syrah/Grenache #txwine field blend. How much new oak? 2 in 7, it’s that rich. <–Can’t Wait from VintageTexas

@texaswinetweets: What State Fair has a wine garden? TEXAS, of course, serving only Texas wines. http://bit.ly/92JOVW

@SMWV: Special dinner option for this Friday, Sep 3 at 6:30 pm at San Martino winery. Simple but very good! Check it out… http://fb.me/EO9mbjsa

@ScottsJonesin: Top wknd wine: Dotson-Cervantes Gotas de Oro Muscat Canelli…from Tow, TX. Definitely Texas-size example of how good this grape can be.

@wowaustin: The thrill of de feet! The Grape Stomp @BeckerVineyards was fun; on next wknd, too: http://bit.ly/bNbTAQ #txwine http://twitpic.com/2jqwd6

@wowaustin: Wine Spectator tours Texas Hill Country http://bit.ly/ckd5By #txwine [VT comment: Great to get in the Wine Spectator – but they failed to cover the real story…Mediterranean varietals; lots of new faces on the Texas wine trail; sweet wine is OK if well made]

@CRMLarry: @TanjiPatton where is La Cruz de Comal Winery #txwine ? Startzville, Texas: Near Canyon Lake @TXWine http://bit.ly/be71CO

2010: A great year for Texas wines; Is it time to start buying futures 🙂 Read more at: http://bit.ly/cXEu01 #TXWine

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Use the tag #TXwine in your Tweets so that people can find, follow and search for Texas wine information. For more information on any of the above tweeters, search on their twitter name at:


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